What are the best motorcycle helmets for women in 2021

There is a number of helmets of different designs and varities which is comfortable for a women dirt bike rider. Here I have compiled a list of helmets that will definitely complete a womens’s safety needs with comfort.

Dirt bike riding is not so popular among women but recently you can see hike in it. Online communities and many social media platform confirms by their posts and pages that womenmotocross’s popularity is increasing.

Not only boys have all those feelings to have a joyous ride on bikes to favorite places but also even girls do have all those.

All the excitement is correct and parents can also let you go for rides only if you go with specific protection.

Today through  this article “What are the best motorcycle helmets for women in 2021″, I would like to tell you the detailed information about every thing that a woman should have before she goes to a ride on a bike for her protection especially about the helmet that she need to have.

I am going to tell you how to choose the best  helmet to ride a motorcycle and the features you need to see before buying it, types and further details of it.

What is the difference between men’s and women’s helmets:      

If you know the difference between mens and women’s helmets it will be very helpful and easier to buy when you’re going to purchase a helmet for your traveling.

But full face helmets are suggested to any woman who wants to ride which has almost no difference between men’s helmets.

There are few differences between the helmets of men and women like sizes,colours,types etc. 


As most of the girls have unique colour selections,different varieties of helmets with solid colors and floral designs are  present.

Usually girls preferring adventurous rides and wandering places prefer to choose helmets like that of men to have more protection during their journey.


It is said that females have overhead unlike males and also their forehead is straight when compared to males.

Due to the absolute anatomical differences between the sizes of skull bones of both females and males different sizes of helmets are available in the market usually small size helmets are present for women.


It’s quite common for every woman to have hair and even a ponytail. To have better fitting helmets for women helmets are designed with a hole to accommodate their ponytails for longhair.

How to choose a motorcycle helmet??  

There are  more important aspects you need to choose apart from colour and graphics before buying a helmet .

  • Size of the helmet:

 Human heads have different sizes and shapes, not every human has the same shape of head, some have round head and some have elliptical head some have oval and some have round head.

So the helmet designing companies of all the countries prefer to choose to design helmet with neutral size.

So you have to wear on the helmet and check whether it suits and fits yours head size.

  • Internal padding:.          

 It is the internal lining of cushions inside the helmet.The liner should be of specific qualities like easy to remove, easy to clean and moisture absorbable.

If the weather condition is summer then you need to have such quality of extensive moisture absorbing otherwise your helmet will be of totally sweaty and smelly.

But if you’re naturally sweaty in spite of weather conditions then you have to wear a balaclava which is made up of 100% cotton so that it can absorb all the sweat and water from your scalp and avoid using polyester  nylon type of cloth.

  • Straps:.                 

You need to check for the attachment of straps of helmet on the chin.

The best thing is to choose a helmet with the lock system of chin straps because they can be fit and cannot be loosened as we can set according to our chin size before the ride.

They should be lined with soft pads to avoid irritation to the chin.

  • Visibility:.                     

Every rider must choose his/her helmet with a good field of vision.You should not feel any obstruction to your peripheral vision.

There are different visors like CLEAR  Visor, DARK Visor And IRIDIUM visor.

Clear visor is recommended most of the time because the most important thing is to have clear vision during the ride and this is possible with the clear visor, when the sunlight is getting more harsh on you then dark visor is preferred.

Iridium visors are usually reflecting ones and not commonly used.

  • Comfort:.                         

After all the ultimate thing you need to see is for  your comfort, if you are uncomfortable with your helmet then it’s waste of use because you get irritated unnecessarily and you may remove it, if your time is bad then you may face accidents.

You should go for a test drive with your helmet for at least half an hour so that you will be knowing about your comfort with your helmet.

Many helmets feel comfortable in the starting. But later on you may develop pressure points, headache by using it

  • Ventilation:.                    

Helmets with good ventilation keep your head cool in summer,hence you need to choose a helmet with a good ventilation system.

  • Colour:.                 

Choosing a bright and radiant coloured one is the best because it ensures your visibility to opposite riders during the night and also in low light conditions like during rains or snow.

So  don’t melt for dull or camouflage colours.

  • Standards:.                       

You must buy a helmet with an ISI mark on it. Sometimes head costliest helmets may be of no safety.

DOT/ECE/SNELL/SHARP certificates are the standards for countries like US, Europe, Brazil etc.

Best motorcycle helmets for women:                 

We are reaching the main part of this article, choose wisely as per your comfort and budget. We have listed a few best helmets that are specially made for women. 

Shoei-RF-1200  Helmet:                  

It is the best motorcycle helmet for women motorcyclists. It is a top one among all the motor helmets. It is the most successful motor cycle helmet in the history of shoei. It is a unisex helmet.


  • It comes in an intermediate open shape and slimmer design.
  • It is DOT and Snell certified
  • It has EQRS system which allows safe removal of cheek pads from the hurt riders.
  • It  has intense equipped face shield and visor
  • It has a super ventilation system which enables maximum breathing capacity for the rider.

HJC CL 17 Arica Helmet:.            

It is the women’s motorcycle helmet that came from the long line of HJC CL 17 helmets.

It is one of the top line helmets of HJC who provided a lot in the helmets to men category.

It is suitable for any women rider who is looking for a stylish helmet with good price.


  • It has all the advanced features that a helmet should have.
  • It  is available at a lower cost.
  • It has rounded Oval shape which fits almost all head sizes
  • It is lightweight and perfectly suitable for women riders
  • It also met DOT and snell standards.
  • It has 3d Design  anti-scratch pin lock face shield.
  • It has a super cool ventilating system.

AGV K3 SV Sakura Helmet:               

This is best suitable for those who are looking for all the advanced features of helmet. It is unisex adult full face helmet.It is popular in Europe and United States.

It is designed specifically for both men and women who love touring. It comes with the graphics that most of the women like.


  • It comes with different colors.
  • It is  affordable in  pricing.
  • It is available in a variety of graphic designs and suitable for long rides.
  • The  shell of the helmet is made up of high resistance Thermoplastic resin which is strong enough to protect your head during an accident.
  • There  are huge different sizes available for each design.
  • It is a sport touring helmet providing maximum field of vision to the riders.
  • The internal padding and liner of the helmet has hypoallergenic and antimicrobial properties.

Scorpion EXO-T510 Azalea Helmet:

It is unisex motor cycle helmet and a full face helmet which is suitable not only for dual sports but also for street riding purposes. It is a great mid range helmet for women.

It has beautiful art work on it.


  • It comes in intermediate oval design.Coming to the external looks it may not Grab your attention at the first sight.
  • It  is dot certified and it is a type of full face helmet.
  • The  shell material is made up of LG polycarbonate strongest foam.
  • It can also be used for daily purposes.
  • It  has drop down sunview field visor, which is the latest feature that cannot be found in all the helmets available in this price range
  • It  also comes with an anti fog clearing mechanism.
  • Internal lining is  made up of an antimicrobial removable type.

ILM stealth bluetooth modular helmet:     

It is the latest model of helmet with advanced technology.It has GPS fixed in it so whenever you have need to use maps you need not check the screen while driving,it’s audio will be connected to the bluetooth which is the most advanced feature.It is one of the best budget friendly motorcycle helmet.


  • It comes with the latest technology.
  • It can be used as a full face helmet in summer and open face helmet in winter.
  • You  can also connect to the calls while you are going in traffic.
  • It  exceeds both ECE and DOT standards of certification.

Where can you buy helmets from?   

You can buy helmets from any online site like Amazon, Flipkart,other online sites of manufacturers of helmets.You can also buy them from the accessories shops or from the showrooms of bikes.

Most important thing is that you have to try it on and go for a test ride for at least half an hour with it.


You also need to know about the types of helmets like full face helmets, open face or half face helmets, modular helmets, off ride helmets.

Among all the above, full face helmets are the best ones and I prefer them to both men and women, as they offer complete protection to your head if any events of crash occurs.

Other than those there are more chances of fractures to mandible, skull bones, nose, maxilla, orbital fractures hence, irrespective of place, gender, season, distance it’s always best to choose full face helmets.


In any case whether it comes to a man or woman safety is the atmost thing need to be considered.

It has become so common that women nowadays are so fond of riding bikes, so I hope that you can choose the best helmet for you in an easy way after referring to my article “What are the best motorcycle helmets for women.”

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