How to Buy A Used Dirt Bike at Cheap Price

Buying a used dirt bike is a perfect decision if you want to save money. With the saved money, you can get the damaged parts of the motorcycle replaced with new parts.

And today we will tell you how you can buy a good used dirt bike at a low price. The advantage of this guide is that you will get to know which bike is useless so that your money is not wasted by buying a worthless dirt bike.

For this, it is crucial to have some mechanical knowledge so that you can inspect the bike thoroughly. If you are going to buy a bike for the first time, then it would be our advice to you to take a friend with you who keeps driving dirt bikes regularly and has a lot of knowledge about dirt bikes.

Also, we have already talked about this, so you should not forget to read the used dirt bike checklist. In this, you will get all the information that you need to check before buying a used dirt bike.

Things to Know Before Buying A Used Dirt Bike

how to buy a used dirt bike

Before looking for the bike, you should make a budget for how much money you can spend on buying the bike. Don’t spend all the money on purchasing the bike, keep the budget so that if you have to change some parts of the bike, then the adjustment of funds will be made in it. If you are thinking about buying aftermarket products, keep the cash separately for that.

It is essential to research, you first need to decide which bike you want to buy, it’s make and model. And with this, also see which bike will be right in the way you ride, it depends on your riding style, your skill, your size, and your price range.

When you decide on a bike, try to get as much information about it as possible. In online forums, you will get a lot of helpful information. What is unique about the bike, flaws, problems, how to handle, drive, any tweaks or fixes that have been proved to be useful by the people.

Being an expert in this proves to be very beneficial so that you would know what to look for in a bike. If you are a beginner and trying to Whip the dirt bike then How To Whip a Dirt Bike For Beginners can give you a complete guide to performing this trick.

Where to Find A Used Dirt Bike

Cycle Trader

This website is worth visiting. In this, you can see all the bikes in the whole nation or in your city. And you can also find your favorite bike by filtering search results. This site is mostly used by local retailers who list their entire inventory in it, but it is still worth visiting.

On this website, it is a bit difficult to get a cheap deal. Still, it is a matter of course that you will get to see the exact price of the bike so that you can guess how much money is worth paying for the make and model of the bike.


You can get excellent bikes on eBay. But also keep in mind that there are a lot of scammers and spammers on eBay. Well, it is a perfect place to buy used dirt bikes at a meager price.


Craigslist is the best and most useful place to see used dirt bikes. On this, you will get used dirt bikes very quickly at a low price. We have a pro tip for you, there is an app called CPlus for Craigslist, you can get this app from Google Play and App Store for both Android and iOS devices so install it. In this, you get many features that are not available on a regular craigslist website.

When you search a dirt bike on it, by filtering your area, model, and price range, then with the help of this, you can set up notifications. So whenever a new bike is listed on it, its notification will come on your phone, and you will be able to see that bike first.

Otherwise, you will have to sit and refresh the website all day to find cheap deals. So, it’s better to install this app on your phone. And this is a great way to buy underpriced bikes.


You will already get to see shortlisted bikes on Bikefinds. Most of your work becomes very easy through this website. Their task was to find used dirt bikes from sites like craigslist and eBay and list them on their website.

When you visit the Bikefinds website, you will see every brand bike listed in their inventory. Now it’s your choice which bike you want to buy according to your budget, riding style and size.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is a great way, you can access it from both your phone or computer. On this, you will get very cheap bikes. Its good thing is that you will not get many scammers and spammers in it.

The specialty of the Facebook marketplace is that you can put alerts in it, some keywords you will have to put in it like the name and model of the bikes.

And as soon as someone lists their bike, you will get its notification on the phone, and you will be able to know about that bike first. These are some keywords like TTR, KTM, CRF, KZ, etc., which you can use to search and set alerts.

It sometimes happens that people keep the price of their bike much lower than its value, and if you see such a bike, go quickly and buy it. In this way, you get great deals on it.

How to Deal for A Dirt Bike

Take a print out of the Kelley Blue Book price before going to see the used dirt bike. In the Boise market, the costs in the blue book are always less than going rate, and with this help, you can get a good discount by showing a blue book price to the bike seller.

Always keep cash ready with you. Withdraw money from the ATM before buying the bike, because sometimes the price of the bike is higher than the one-day withdrawal limit of the ATM, so keep some money ready beforehand.

For example, if you have $2000, then you can speak to the seller by text message or call that currently, I have $2000, and if you have to sell the bike today, we can make a deal of $2000. By doing this, the seller may sell you the bike cheaply.

Instead of a shop, you will get a good deal from a private individual on a used dirt bike, so keep that in mind. If you want to buy from a shop, then you need to take advantage of it. Go to the store and choose your favorite dirt bikes that you want to buy.

Now go to another store, and tell them that the ABC store is giving me XYZ bike for $3000 and I have come here because maybe here I can get a good deal from that store. This way, they will bring a great deal for you to convince you that buy a bike from here.

Be patient, if you have to buy a bike today, then you will have to buy one of the available bikes in the inventory. And currently, there may not be any perfect bike in the market with a good deal.

So have some patience and make it your hobby, then after looking for a few days maybe you can get a good bike with an excellent deal.

Last Words

So here were some tips on how you can buy a used dirt bike at a low price. First, do a little homework about the bike, set your budget, choose the motorcycle according to your riding style and size. Keep a little patience and keep looking around, you will get a good used dirt bike with a great deal. If there is any doubt, then you can ask us by commenting below.

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