Why is My Dirt Bike Bogging Out?

There are several reasons for a dirt bike engine bogging out. One common cause is an insufficient mixture of air and fuel mixture, or the combination is dirty. Suppose your air filter is clogged or has a lot of dirt, and it gets in the carburettor and clogs the primary pilot or jet; your engine will probably have fuel flow issues.

Dirt biking is a trendy hobby among people who love speed and driving off roads. Dirt bikes are lightweight, and they can efficiently handle well on sand, mud, and dirt .” While riding a dirt bike, you do not have any limitations of speed or terrain.

Therefore, you can ride the dirt bike almost anywhere you want. Dirt bikes are machines, so they require time to time maintenance.

Also, you have to replace the essential parts of dirt bikes like filters or fluids to avoid any problem while riding them. If you are a beginner in the dirt bike ride in then dirt Bike riding tips for beginnersOpens in a new tab. can be a good guide for you.

Being a dirt bike rider, you may face several issues regarding your bike, so here today, if your dirt bike is bogging, you might be facing trouble.

So if the dirt bike bogs down when accelerating, you are at the right spot to try to resolve your issue and tell you the details on how to identify it.

What is Bogging on a Dirt Bike?

When we talk about the dirt bike bogs under load issue, then it is a situation where after applying the full throttle to the bike, governor or speed limiter or controller does not allow to get more power and hence this situation appears to be bike bogging down.

It is the most commonly caused by the inefficiency of airflow, fuel supply, or the ignition of the carburettor. There can be few situations with a new dirt bike, and one of those can be driver error?

If this is not the governor’s issue, then it is a mechanical tissue that can find out and fixed. You can watch this video and clearly understand that under the full-throttle, what happens with the dirt bike, and how is it bogging out?

Why is your dirt bike bogging out?

Here we are sharing with you some symptoms through which you can identify the issue of bogging on your Dirt Bike after having a full accelerator, so check these by one.

Check Air filter

The most common reason why the engine is bogging down when accelerating is that the air fuel mixture is inefficient or dirty. If the air filter has dirt in it or is clogged, it can also walk down the engine. So you have to clear the air filter and check it out.


It only applies to bikes with carburettors, either a two-stroke or four-stroke. If you have a fuel-injected bike, it’s most likely your fuel pump or your fuel filter.

If your Dirt bike is brand new, you need to adjust the needle on the carburettor slide. For doing this, find the carburetor through the panel under the bike. You have to uncover the carburettor, which will expose the different parts of it.

All the slide out with the needle attached to it. Three notches in the middle. Move the needle up to the top slot and put it back. Carburetor out and understood the bottom of the carburettor, and clean the ball.

Several issues can encounter a Dirt Bike, and tight valves are also one of them, so if you want to understand the symptoms of a dirt bike’s closed valves, you can read this article.

Fuel Screw

Now check your fuel screw. The fuel screw is primarly located in the front of the carburetor. It is hard to get to, so you have to lose up the carburetor and rotate it to get to that screw.

So when you get the carburetor tilted a little bit, you will get access to the screw. Start by checking how many turns out the fuel screw.

About 1 and 3/4, so that is somewhat in the range for where it should be, so put it to 2 out and see if that makes a difference rotate. If everything will be fine, then back it into place and tighten it up. Sometimes there is no issue with the fuel screw.

Spark plug

Now check if the spark plug not the issue for this? So pull it out, wire brush it, torches it to burn off any oil and see if that creates any difference. So the plug should look good and should not have tons of oil buildup, nor should it be white or highly black.

If it indicates a rich or severe lean condition, so the plug is all cleaned up, and while that’s out doesn’t hurt to check the gap.

So now you should pull apart the carburettor to make sure the Jets aren’t plugged up and check over the float height and some of the gaskets and seals. If you remove the carburettor off the boots and tilt it, you should be able to get to the football screws and then get access to those Jets and check the float height.

Check the Jets

The first few things you should check out are the Jets. You will see the main jet right there, and then you’ll see the pilot jet is right up inside this hole.

Pop those out and see if they’re blocked; the most common reason for a bike to bog is a clogged pilot jet. So the more extended jet right is the pilot jet, and any small piece of dirt or grit that gets in there is going to plug it up and cause the bike to bog out.

Next, see if Jets are plugged up; the easiest way to do this is to hold them up to a light source, and if they’re clear, you’ll be able to see the light coming through them, so then you can see how small that pilot jet hole is it is super tiny if you do have a plugged jet an easy way to clear it out is by using compressed air.

Check the Float Height

Now check the float height; you need the carburettor somewhat level and then pull up on the floats and then let them settle right there.

These will settle, but you should not let them push down the pin to push down the hook, and right it is settled.

When you have the float settled right there in this position, you want to have the flipple line and the line on the floats parallel, and it will look quite parallel, so it needs some adjusting. To adjust the float height, bend the tab up or down as it sits right.

How to fix Float Height

The float’s height is high since the floats and the flow Bowl line is not parallel. So you have to bend this tab upwards to correct that, so it’s as simple as getting a small screwdriver and pushing on the tab right.

It doesn’t take much to adjust. It’s a pretty soft tab, so how floats can get out of adjustment is just overtime then bouncing up and down, you know, over many years that’ll throw it out of whack and then also when you’re pulling off the flow.

Bowl the floats and the bowl are pretty close to each other, and if you catch the floats, when you’re pulling off the bowl, it could set that float height out of adjustment all right time to check this float height. So once again, you should pull up on the floats let them settle.

Make sure they’re parallel, so you settle the floats right there, and then they will look pretty parallel. Now put that carburetor back together if you do have the float height spec.

How to measure it, you’re going to go from the float wall mounting surface to the line on the floats, so you have to get the float settled right there and then measure.

Before, the float height was too high and letting too much fuel into the carburettor, and a good indicator of that is when you tip the bike over a bit of bit, fuel will run out of the bottom of the carburetor. So that’s when you have a float height too high, and when it’s too low, it won’t allow enough fuel enough carburetor and cause it to run lean.

In this case, the float height was set too high, causing a prosperous condition, and fuel would drip out of the carburetor when you tilt the bike on its side before putting the rest of this carburetor back together.

Also read other dirt bike common issues and their fixes:

Need to Inspect

Earlier optimal fuel screw position is about two to two-and-a-half turns out that’s about where you want it. The holes right there, and then on the contrary, if your bike runs best at, say one turn out or half a turnout, then you need to go smaller on the pilot jet.

Always make sure that the Jets are clear and the float height and you still have a bog. Various other things could be as well, but these are just the most common scenarios.

So make sure you have fresh gas clean air filter if your bike has a fuel filter, make sure that’s clear, and what else could it be? You could also check for air leaks or a plugged exhaust system.

Clean the Dirt Bike Carburetor to Fix Bogging

I am going to tell you how to clean the carburetor.

So the carburettors located right there on the take-off of this vendor Sharon to have easier access to it.

These are just a noble and usually on all these bikes the plastics. But before starting the cleaning, you should replace the fuel of your tank.

Tools needed to clean carb:

  • Flat screwdriver
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Wire brush
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Wrenches or socket set

Steps to clean carburettor

Disassemble Parts

  1. Take out the Carburetor
  2. Remove the float
  3. Remove the Jets
  4. Take out other parts
  5. Clean all parts

Assemble Parts

  1. Install Jets
  2. Install Float & Outer Parts
  3. Finally, Install the Carburetor

For the whole process of Dirt Bike carburettor cleaning, you can watch this video.

Mods that will make your dirt bike faster:

Upgrading gearing

Upgrading gearing is pretty much going to be upgrading your sprocket and your chain. There are many benefits to this, but there’s one thing I got to say before you upgrade it, you need to upgrade it to suit your needs.

By that, I mean you can get a large front socket or a small rear socket to improve your faster acceleration, or you can get the opposite; you can get a small front pocket and a large rear socket to improve your top speed.


Let’s talk about four-stroke engine four-stroke is pretty much the same concepts and ideas coming from two strokes, but they have a slip-on and an entire system to replace either one depending on your needs.

It’s a great way to reduce weight. When your juice weighs, you get better handling and also better top speed in the acceleration.


Heavy-duty tubes or get moose bibs heavy-duty tubes are going to be a lot thicker than the stock tubes, and they’re gonna be way flatter resistant than any stock tube

out there, so be sure to pick up some heavy-duty tubes for the front and back wheels.

Steering damper upgrade

Your steering dampener pulp enhances your ride handling. When you come off the bump, it’ll prevent the shake that way; you don’t crash into a tree, fall and get hurt.

So it’s a vital upgrade for your bike, so an example of upgrading your steering damper when you go off-road or anything like that and you go on a straightaway relatively smooth, and you see an aggressive rough patch coming up.

You can adjust the damper to you’re setting the bushing you prefer and in other examples when you’re riding Super cross-trade away

small bombs and then big jumps, you can adjust the damper on the fly, and it’ll make the ride so much easier, so you don’t crash.

Upgrade your skills

It’s probably your best thing that you could do and is free, go and watch YouTube videos on the ride you have already shared with you.

Go out there and take a class on riding techniques. Go out there and hit a trail that you haven’t hit before your skills. The best thing you could do is because if you have a bike with too much power and can’t handle it or only made it at first, you want to upgrade your skills.

Because you need to have control of your bike, you need to be one with your bike if you’re not; you’re pretty much spending money that you will never be able actually to take advantage of riding.


You would have understood why does the engine bog down when accelerating. We have explained the reasons behind the bogging of a dirt bike. All the confusions you have faced after this will resolve this issue if you have read it thoroughly.

Your query about why is your dirt bike bogging out out has been answered, and you have got what are you searching for. If you like this post, subscribe to our newsletter.

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