Why is My Dirt Bike Sputtering?

A number of issues are associated with the dirt bike and sputtering on a bike is very common which either you have already faced or you are suffering right now. You are visiting this page because you have a query about why is my dirt by sputtering.

Then I would like to assure you that you will not be disappointed anymore.

Dirt Bikes are the most liked sports bike and the wide range of people are there in the whole world who are interested in this sports bike. Riding does not mean you will always have fun instead many times you will face different kinds of issues on the bike which needs to be sorted by yourself. We are providing you with the information about sputtering on a bike which will help you fix this.

What is Sputtering on A Dirt Bike?

In most cases, when the engine is running out of gas that will definitely sputter. But if the gas gauge indicates it full then sure it is the problem which lies deeper inside the engine body. When an engine is sputtering, then it is trying to convey to you that there is a deeper problem that requires immediate action.

If there is incomplete combustion inside the engine that will cause a sputter as can the ignition system. Inside the fuel system, there may be a block fuel injector which causes the vehicle to sputter.

Sputtering is not considered to be a major issue, but it is a symptom of a bigger problem that cannot be corrected by itself, and finally, it will result in a much more expensive repair or servicing. The source of the sputter should find out, and it should be repaired and serviced as soon as possible.

A dirt bike can be encountered of different issues such as smoking, leakage of oil, and bogging out of a dirt bike.

How does this system work?

If an engine is sputtering, then the root causes leading location be in different areas. Here we are discussing the most common two areas which can be responsible for this issue. These areas are fuel system and exhaust.

The exhaust system collects exhaust gases released from the cylinder head via the exhaust manifold.

The exhaust system acts as a funnel diverts exhaust gases away from the cylinders. Gases then travel through the front pipe where they reached the catalytic converter.

Now the catalytic converter plays the role of removing the harmful elements mixed with gases such as hydrogen monoxide, carbon monoxide and converting them into inert gases.

Now the gas is moved from the catalytic converter to the muffler and during this noise level reduces. Hence the exhaust fumes release from the vehicle’s tailpipe.

Fuel system plays an important role in storing and supplying fuel to the. That drives the engine. This happens inside the engines Intake system.

The fuel is compressed in the engine cylinder and ignited that produces the energy which moves the Piston.

Why is your Dirt Bike Sputtering?

Worn Gaskets or seals

Inside an exhaust system, there are several seals and gaskets. If anyone of them is worn, then it can become a reason for sputtering. Seals and gaskets wear down over time, and it will eventually have to be e replaced.

If you fail to replace it at a particular time, then it can damage the exhaust manifold which is much more expensive than these gaskets.

Dirty Fuel Injectors

Fuel injectors spray the fuel inside the cylinder. If the injector nozzle becomes clogged over time that can lead to you are a spattering engine. Apart from that, it will also lead to slow acceleration.

That will become the reason of not having enough power. Fuel injectors should be cleaned regularly to get rid of this problem.

Malfunctioning Oxygen Sensors

To measure how lean or rich exhaust gases are leaving the vehicle’s combustion chamber oxygen sensors are used. The vehicle system uses this data to adjust the fuel amount that enters into the engine cylinder.

If there is a dirty sensor that is failing in its work, then this can become a reason for the sputtering engine. For avoiding this issue, oxygen sensors must be replaced regularly.

Dirt in Mass Airflow Sensor

A mass airflow sensor task is to measure the amount of air entering the fuel injection system. After getting the information vehicle’s system, which then decides how much fuel is enough to send to the combustion chamber.

If there is a dirty mass airflow sensor, then it will not be able to send the correct data to the vehicle system and does system will not be able to analyze how much fuel is enough for the combustion chamber.

Bad Spark Plugs

Most probably, you know the work of a spark plug. Spark plugs are responsible for the ignition of the field inside the combustion chamber. If spark plugs are not in working condition or if they are dirty, they will not be able to Ignite the fuel cleanly.

And hence this will become the reason for missed higher or Sparta. In this situation, you need to replace the dirty spark plugs.

Leakage of Vacuum

If there is a leak in the vacuum system can result in sputtering of the engine. When the problem increases, it is essential to service it on time.

Failing Catalytic Converter

If there is a problem of sputtering in the engine, then it will run roughly, and it will smell like rotten eggs. The reason for this smell is failing of failing catalytic converter.

If anyhow catalytic converter fails to work, then it is not able to burn off the hydrocarbons in the exhaust as well as it is not able to break down the sulfur created by the engine. This results in a strong rotten eggs smell. Finally, the bike will not start and this catalytic converter will be blocked completely.

A leak in Exhaust Manifold

If there is a leak in the exhaust manifold can cause the engine to sputter. This condition can also lead to increased engine noise. As well as it decreases the performance of the engine.

Cracked exhaust manifold also become a dangerous driving situation as the releasing of hot gases can melt the plastic made parts. It will also lead to exhaust fumes.

How to Fix Dirt Bike Sputtering?

Check Spark Plug

First of all, I would suggest you check the efficiency of the spark plug you have in your dirt bike.  To inspect the spark plug you need to remove it and from the wire.

Now look for the tip of the spark plug. If you see the condition of the tip to be wet then it needs to replaced.

This condition indicates that the spark plug has failed. Then it needs more fuel for ignition and efficiency is decreased so required more fuel and hence to match the performance it sucks over fuel and mileage become very bad.

If fuel is being delivered too much consistently then the sound of sputtering often can be rd while acceleration.

When we take the reverse condition when engine going through the lean fuel situation that also causes sputtering and results in to wet spark plug. Here I will recommend you to change the spark plug.

Check and clean the carburettor

Next step you can go to check the spark carburettor.  For the inspection of a carburettor, you need to remove the carburettor. Take the carb off the bike and now you have to remove the screws from the bottom of the carb. After this step, you will need to unscrew 2 more.

The bigger screw is the primary jet and smaller screw is the pilot jet which is also called a secondary jet. Now for the safety, you need to wear gloves in your hands and need to clean holes of the jets and apply the carb cleaner through the entire carburettor.

Now you use the compressed air to blow the dirt and junk or debris that could be stuck in the jets or at the bottom bowl inside the carburettor.


Sputtering by name does not seem to be a danger issue but it can lead to a serious problem if not resolved. Source of this problem can be anywhere whether it can be a spark plug or carburettor.

It can be an issue of the fuel injector, leak in the exhaust manifold or leakage in a vacuum. Your query why is my dirt bike sputtering has been given a clear vision about its solution.

Apart from this, we have also shared what are the reason for this issue and different types of sources which can be failed due to this. I hope you like this post. Have a safe ride.

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