How to shift a Semi-Auto Dirt Bike

In my life I have seen many people who wish to have a dirt bike but they do not know about automatic and semi automatic dirt bikes. So here in this post we are going to discuss how to shift a semi automatic dirt bike.

These look Complex usually but this is not Complex while riding it. Just keep this in your mind that ” these are made to make our riding smooth and easy. We should enjoy it, not to fear it”. Only then you will be able to enjoy it.

This article is for them, who are fond of bikes (specially motocross) and have passion for it. This content is like advice to the beginners so that they can ride the super cool bikes happily as well as smoothly.

Day by day technology is developing, the markets of manual dirt bikes and semi automatic bikes are getting wider and advanced.

Dirt Bikes are becoming more equipped with new features. These increasing number of features can create disturbance or disadvantage to the bikers. A pro rider should have each and every information about different types of motocross.

To become a professional in any field, the major requirement is that— the biker requires enough knowledge and good grip on its working. On being professional the riding will be more adventurous. For understanding the dirt bike engine working you must read our post how does a dirt bike work?

In this article, I am going to share how to shift gears on a semi automatic dirt bike?along with we will also understand the manual, semi automatic and automatic dirt bikes, its features and gears. We will also know how does a semi automatic Dirt Bike work?

Here we go:

So, what do you mean by “Automation”?

When a machine works by itself, and just needs an initiation to increase its speed, it is called as automation. Automation is required everywhere in this out-throat competition.

It can be manufacturing or in transportation, automation can be found everywhere.

Look and features of dirt bikes

Dirt Bikes are completely different from manual dirt bikes. Ordinary dirt bikes are generally made up of metal while these bikes are manufactured by the help of plastics in that they can be lightweight and easy to use on rough roads.

The construction, design, features of these bikes set them apart. These dirt bikes have wide tires to allow less traction and stable ride as well. These are lighter than dirt bike. Hence these are manufactured to absorb the ups and downs while riding it.

A manual dirt bike is completely different from semi automatic and automatic dirt bike. I hope that now you can grab the information you are looking for.

What is a Semi Automatic Dirt Bike?

When you go through its name ‘semi automatic’ we can suppose that it is that type of machine which completes its working by the help of Manpower and machine itself.

Here, it is clear that semi automatic bikes are different to other automatic bikes. Clutch system is absent hair ! The gears can be used without the implementation of clutch. Using clutch is not required for changing gears.

It’s working is similar to scooter. The engine of semi automatic works on semi automation. It only needs initiation to start functioning.

How to Shift a Semi Automatic Dirt Bike?

How to Shift a Semi Automatic Dirt Bike
how to shift semi automatic dirt bike

To ride a semi-automatic dirt bike you just need to follow these simple steps:-

  1. Turn on the bike
  2. Turn the accelerator by giving some gas. Keep it in first gear.
  3. Press the pedal on the front of your left side toe that will change the gear in to 2nd.
  4. Let up the gas, and press the pedal so that you can shift to 3rd gear.
  5. You can go so on and shift the gear from low to high.
  6. While pressing the pedal with heel will bring down the gears.

So, I personally love semi automatic and fully automatic dirt bikes. I also recommend you all to use it once in your life.

As it is not fully automatic it is called as semi automatic because clutch is not required for shifting the gears.

The rider only has to twist the throttle to low and shift the gear by the shifting pedal on the left side by your feet.

How Does A Semi Automatic Dirt Bike Work?

It is a myth that a semi automatic dirt bike does not have a clutch. It is completely false. A pair of clutches is present in semi automatic but a bike rider do not need to interfere on its working.

The first one clutch maintains the running of the bike smoothly and the second one is engaged by us to shift gears of the semi automatic dirt bike.

These two clutches also ensure the safety of the bikes. They also avoid chances of damaging of the engine. A rider has to do nothing with the clutches.

A number of information is available on the Internet and you can dive into it. People have experience with riding the normal and manual dirt bikes. So it is obvious that they must have a doubt on riding semi automatic or fully automatic bikes.

What is an Automatic Dirt Bike?

As I have mentioned earlier, when a machine work by itself it is called as automatic. It performs the same function as an manual and semi automatic works.

It does not require manpower to work. It only needs some initiation and it will complete its work by itself. So, that is why an automatic dirt bike is like an automatic machine.

An automatic dirt bike has automatic gear system in it which transmits the power from it to run. It do not work on the conventional system.

Clutches are not required here. It does not require shifting of gears. It does not require any man to change or to increase the speed. It is like “Twist and go” bike. Very easy to use, it contains other different features for best riding on terrains and unpaved roads.

What is a normal dirt bike?

A normal bike is a type of lightweight dirt bike specially designed or manufactured for use on rough roads or trails. Dirt bike is also called as trail  bike.

In other words, trail bikes are of small size and built with special tires and suspension for riding on rough roads and over rough terrain. In manual bikes, a rider needs to use the clutch system to change the gear.

I would recommend everybody to start with a second hand bike for beginners as it has a lot of risk in learning it. Learn it from an expert would be great. If you want to make your dirt bike run better then keep the engine in good condition and the oil in time.


So friends, I have provided you the key information about how to shift a semi automatic dirt bike and the complete process of doing. Even when you are going to increase the speed or lowering it you need to shift it.

I have elaborated it as easily as I can and i hope you have surely learnt something new and useful today by my content.

Happy riding !

Thomas A. Talley

I’m Thomas. Since childhood, I am fond of bikes and hence dirt bikes are my passion now. Ever since then, I’ve been giving advice to the beginners and this has become my hobby.

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