Is KTM better than Yamaha? Comparison Test

Comparing all possible fields, Yamaha is far better than KTM whereas on the other side you can’t get that fun which a KTM rider can get. KTM delivers more power but Yamaha has maximum speed. KTM is good for motocross track on other hand Yamaha is best on trail tracks or off road riding. Yamaha is a good opportunity for the short riders whereas KTM is more comfortable for the taller riders. Let’s take two models of the same range from these two brands for comparison. If you compare a model of KTM launched in 2019 and Yamaha of the year 2021, it isn’t fair to work. 

We are taking the KTM 450XC-F and Yamaha YZ450FX for comparison at different properties.

Which one is better to handle, which is best at performance, what are the differences between their speed, their durability and many other factors.

Let’s see these features one by one and choose which is better between these popular brands. 

KTM 450XC-F 

Every year KTM launches its new brand of bikes and this year 450 XC- F is the latest version. This bike comes with connectivity and my KTM App facilities to get desirable performance.

You can adjust its speed and this app will be helpful in suggesting suspension, also able to see weather and tracks for the best ride. KTM wheels are stronger and lighter than other dirt bikes at the same range and can hold the front ends together. 

This new brand is also helpful in putting your body in the right place. The clutch cover is more powerful than the standard one and protects from heat. The whole bike is covered with Chromoly steel that reduces its weight but is also protective. Available in KTM oranges costs $10,799 to $12,099. 

The KTM bike is injected with a 4 stroke engine to provide powerful output. The exhaust system contains a model-specific header pipe with an advanced resonator that looks like a small chamber around the pipe.

This helps the exhaust to work well without removing the shock absorber. Airbox on the KTM ensures a better flow and gives the best output in optimal power and throttle function. Seat height and foam quality make it comfortable for the riders. 


  • Engine- 449.9 cc single cylinder four stroke 
  • Power- 52 HP
  • Bore × Stroke- 95mm×63.4mm
  • EMS- Keihin
  • Starter- Electric 
  • Clutch- Wet, DDS Multi Disc, Brembo Hydraulic
  • Transmission- 5 Speed 
  • Chain- 0.63×0.25 mm
  • Front Suspension- WP XACT USD, 48mm 
  • Rear Suspension- WP XACT USD, Monoshock with Linkage
  • Front Brakes- Disc Brake (260mm)
  • Rear Brakes- Disc Brake (220mm)
  • Fuel Tank Capacity- 8.5 Liter 
  • Headlight Type- LED 
  • Tail Light Type- LED 
  • Ground Clearance Size- 370mm 
  • Seat Height- 950mm 
  • Net Weight- 101 Kg 

Yamaha YZ450FX

With the passage of years, Yamaha is making powerful dirt bikes. Since the previous years, Yamaha has improved its performance. In this new model, the compact cylinder head is too light and has different camshafts.

The ECU tuning is special with track or off road specific mapping. The changes Yamaha has made can be seen quickly, updating the throttle system which enhances its power.

A beginner can’t handle this much high power as it can be hard to control on slippery roads. Also, one more improvement is about starting capacity, it fires quickly even in neutral. 

The suspension action is quite good to control the bike and also provides better stability. If you see its design, follow the same pattern of 2019 and 2020 models, but still, changes are noticeable.

A new larger piston calliper has been added to the front brakes and almost 25% larger brake pads. The rear brake calliper and hanger set are lighter and smaller than the previous one.

Fuel capacity is larger and wider at the centre parts. This new version of Yamaha is available in the market at $9,699. 

No doubt, this Yamaha is best for off-road riding. This is more stronger, comfortable and reliable, even if by mistake you hit it somewhere that costs you a few dollars only.

A rider having a height of 5 feet 10 inches or smaller can ride it easily and for taller guys, they need more foam for a higher seat. The latest frame, suspension, engines and upgraded electronic parts makes it more demanding. 


  • Engine-449cc DOHC,liquid-cooled single-cylinder 
  • Power- 52 HP
  • Bore × Stroke- 97mm×60.9mm
  • EMS- Keihin
  • Starter- Electric
  • Transmission- 5 Speed 
  • Chain- 0.63×0.25 mm
  • Front Suspension- KYB ®Speed- Sensitive System Inverted Fork, 310mm travel 
  • Rear Suspension- KYB ®Single Shock, 317mm travel Front Brakes- Hydraulic Disc (270mm)
  • Rear Brakes- Hydraulic Disc (245mm) 
  • Fuel Tank Capacity- 8.2 Liter 
  • Headlight Type- LED 
  • Tail Light Type- LED 
  • Ground Clearance Size- 320mm 
  • Seat Height- 955mm 
  • Net Weight- 116 Kg

From the above introduction about each brand, you can see it correctly, both of these are best at different specifications and hitting each other with equal points. But still, a last view about their performance will tell which one is best, KTM or Yamaha or they both are best for dirt bike lovers. 

Comparison Between KTM 450XC-F & Yamaha YZ450FX

These both bikes KTM 450XC-F & Yamaha YZ450FX are always ready for a race off-road or on the track. The KTM bike has more fuel capacity with better handguards whereas the Yamaha bike doesn’t have this safety but takes the lead with a skid plate. You need to understand their distinct properties and then decide which one is better. 

  1. These two bikes are a little different in size and weight. In reality, you can’t guess whether KTM is larger or Yamaha or which brand is heavier. The Yamaha is nearly 20 pounds or 15 kg heavier than the KTM, but the power output acts as the KTM is larger than the Yamaha although that’s not true. The Yamaha bike has a more responsive engine and has a unique throttle for rear-wheel connectivity. However, no one can say that any of these is lacking behind. 
  2. KTM runs smoother depending on how you control its throttle. If you have better command on controlling throttle both of these bikes will be smoother for you. Yamaha can be a little bit wild but can be adjustable using a GYTR power tuner. KTM would be easier with its taller gearing and large unbalanced torque, it could stop at zero throttle. Yamaha doesn’t show larger wheels but restricts a major accident. You can’t make the maps or tunes in the right way on KTM as you desire, which is a negative point. 
  3. Looking into suspension, KTM requires more transmission especially riding in a desert location. To reach 100 mph you use gear but you don’t know how difficult it will be. The first gear is taller and the fifth one is small, which can damage the clutch while approaching for a maximum speed. In the case of Yamaha, it is faster than KTM for top speed, the defect is only first gear, it’s low range. Compared to both, Yamaha has better suspension. 
  4. Tall riders choose KTM for the compact feeling, it has a spacious layout. And Yamaha is better for those whose height is below six feet, they will find it comfortable. 
  5. You can handle Yamaha easily when you lift the front wheels with effective throttle and it would help move with uplifting the front wheels. But KTM likes the rear wheels lifting, you can handle it softly, sliding back and riding on the ground smoothly. Yamaha will be heavier at this time when you are trying to lift the rear wheels using handlebars, as it’s heavier discussed earlier. 
  6. The KTM bike is far more stable than the Yamaha, you can either lift it from front or rear or ride on a rough road. Controlling its speed is quite amazing and also tackling it lightly even at high lifting. 
  7. Tuning Yamaha suspension is cheaper and seeks less setup. In KTM, the fork has improved so that riders should learn some skills to use them properly. 
  8. Maintaining a KTM bike can be bluffy, however both bikes are simple to manage. Many gas tank locations make it easier to fill the fuel in KTM but it consumes more than the Yamaha. 
  9. A basic thing missed in KTM, the Kickstarter and Yamaha has both electric and kickstart. This would not be a serious issue unless or until you go for a longer ride and the battery dies. You will understand the importance of having a Kickstarter. 
  10. You can also see a major difference is when we ride in a tighter situation, pick up Yamaha. On tracks or trails, KTM shows better performance with stiffer suspension and extra power. For smaller riders, Yamaha would be great and taller riders choose KTM. 
  11. For durability, both bikes are good. The only difference is when you ride your Yamaha continuously for fifteen hours, the chain buffer pad wears out on the swing arms and handguards present on KTM will disappear. 
  12. At one point the comparison will be tied, the KTM’s hydraulic clutch is great and Yamaha has activated the cable on the YZX.  It means both are beating each other with equal points at this task. 

Note:- At the end, we would like to say both branded bikes are really good as per unique qualities. But overall performance and for any race or riding, Yamaha is a better option. It means KTM is still lacking behind with just a fraction of the scores. 


I can say you find the answers to your query. How helpful is our post today? Is KTM better than Yamaha? You can ask more questions from the given comment box and also subscribe to our newsletter to get more posts on dirt bikes. Don’t forget this post amongst your friends to help them out for a better bike. 


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