Top Kids Electric Dirt Bike In 2021, See Reviews, Price And Features.

Kids electric dirt bikes have become most popular amongst children and it’s their priority. There are top brands that make special featured dirt bikes for kids. Razor series (MX650, SX500, MX400, MX450), Xtreme Power, KTM SX E5 and many other dirt bike companies. Before investing in dirt bikes, know what quality will be suitable for your baby, how much experience they and their riding skills. 

Riding a dirt bike is an exciting activity for kids. 

It’s your duty to select a dirt bike as per your kids age and level, your correct decision will be helpful for them in learning to control bikes and can be a good riders in future.

We have listed a few branded and pocket-friendly bikes for children. 

How to choose an electric dirt bike for kids?

Your care towards kids shows how responsible a parent you are. Why put your step back when it comes to selecting an electric dirt bike for them. 

Size and weight of kid

Always choose a bike which can be handled by your kids. For different sizes and weights, the bike’s weight and size are available in the market.

You can measure it simply by making them sit on a bike and ensure their feet can flat touch the ground.

And if you are purchasing from online sites, know your kids height and compare it with seat size, you will understand which one will be best for them. On the other hand, weight should be like this so that in case they fall, pick it up by themself easily. 

Skill level or experience

The second point is to know how much experience your kid has gained yet. Their skill will also matter when buying an electric dirt bike. How they ride on hilly areas and how they tackle the dirt bike, etc.

At what speed, they usually run their bike. Make a list and then choose that one that will fulfil your kid’s skills. 

Quality of bike

How to check if the bike is of good quality, you can check its features. Dirt bikes are generally made for rough riding as it’s famous for racing.

For kids, bikes have a parental control system to adjust the speed for your kids. An adjustable handlebar, maybe your child can hit his legs with a low handlebar. Move it according to his height and padded seat for their comfort. 

Durability of bike

Durables are more useful and reduce maintenance charges. Its welded steel frame protects from further damages. Don’t go for the cheapest one, it will be required for later. Also, select weather handler bikes, sunny, rainy or snowfalls, nothing can affect its performance. 


Putting your money into a dirt bike, so some research. Which brand is best and safe for your child. Such popular brands are Razor, KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, etc.

You can compare among these and getting a bike from a top brand means a durable and high-quality bike. However a dirt bike can be dangerous to your kid, so buy from a bike that’s not sensitive. 


Although every dirt bike company tries to convince you with their positive feedback. But, be aware and understand each word. Cross check with the forum where people put their likes and dislikes.

What they like about a particular brand and what are the defects. It’s better to inspect all possible places before finalizing a bike for your child. 


Dirt bikes are neither cheap nor expensive. You might be in a dilemma: if your kid won’t be interested, you will lose a huge amount.

For a growing child, always go for such dirt bikes which can be resale easily and also you get a reasonably priced dirt bike. 

What are the best kids electric dirt bikes with complete details:-

Select the best one with its description, features and specifications. We have listed 10 top electric dirt bikes for kids, check it out. 

1. Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

This Razor bike is specially made to deliver maximum power for uphill areas. The battery power is 36 volts and can run-up to an hour with a single charge.

MX650 is meant for bigger kids who have a few experiences. If you see its speed, it’s about 17 mph, the highest speed.

Compared to other kids’ electric dirt bikes, it’s twice the speed. Those kids who know how to control speed should ride it.

The solid steel frame makes it stronger and durable. See key specifications below. 

  • Engine- Battery-Powered
  • Top speed- 17mph 
  • Bike’s Weight- 98 lbs
  • Seat Height- 25 inches
  • Dimension- 47×25.4×13.5 inches
  • Material- Steel Plastic
  • Additional- Front & rear brakes are available 

2. KTM SX E5 Dirt Bike

A smaller version of KTM’s Freeride E-XC bike. A powerful look with an excellent colour combination, this bike can easily drag anyone’s attention. This bike is recommended to those kids who have practised a lot as it’s not easy to handle.

The top speed is highest from any other electric dirt bike, up to 45mph.

For casual riding, it can run for 2 hours and 25 minutes for races. Tires are lightweight with material of aluminium for better grip.

Effective brakes and full responsive throttle. Complete specifications have been given below. 

  • Engine- 48V Electric Motor 
  • Top speed- 45mph 
  • Bike’s Weight- 89 lbs 
  • Seat Height- 26.1 inches 
  • Dimension- 40.5×9.9×26.2 inches 
  • Material- Aluminium Steel 
  • Additional- Aluminium frame with highest speed 

3. Xtreme Power US Electric Dirt Bike

All in one type of bike is Xtreme Power which is suitable for kids, adults and teens. For a racing lover, this would be the best option, it has reliable and durable quality.

A powerful motor of 500 watts will enable the bike to reach a speed of 17mph. A parental control feature is added with it so that you can adjust speed as per your child skills.

The battery is 36 volts which can deliver power for up to a few hours, but it can be extended if you ride your bike at normal speed. Below a few more specifications have been given.

  • Engine- 4 Stroke Battery Powered
  • Top speed- 17mph 
  • Bike’s Weight- 74 lbs 
  • Seat Height- 24 inches 
  • Dimension- 40×19×23 inches 
  • Material- Steel 
  • Additional- Suitable for both adults and kids 

4. Razor SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross Bike

This branded bike has won the heart of many riders and crowned with a tag, “King of Supercross”. This bike is covered with a steel frame and speed can go up to 15mph. Your kid can ride it for 40 minutes with a one time charge.

Its tires have disc brakes that can be controlled manually and variable speed options are there. For safety measures, a double crown fork is attached and the plastic frame can protect from weather.

SX500 is popular for its design and stylish graphics, good for 8-14 years old kids. For more details, check the specifications. 

  • Engine- Battery Powered
  • Top speed- 15mph 
  • Bike’s Weight- 98 lbs 
  • Seat Height- 24.5 inches 
  • Dimension- 56×36×24.5 inches 
  • Material- Aluminium & Plastic 
  • Additional- McGrath graphics with dynamic designs and weather protective 

5. Husqvarna EE5

This EE5 was the first-ever dirt bike as an electric dirt bike, best for 3 to 6 years old kids. You can enjoy riding without restrictions for up to 2 hours.

Husqvarna comes with a motor of 5kW and can deliver a maximum speed of 45mph. Instead of a steel frame, it’s protected with a Chromoly frame which makes it lighter and durable too.

A fast-charging battery is fitted into it, it can be charged from zero to full within an hour.

The pulse performance meant a child-friendly bike, and low seat height to make your kid comfortable. Key specifications have been mentioned below. 

  • Engine-  2 Stroke Battery Powered 
  • Top speed- 45mph 
  • Bike’s Weight- 89 lbs 
  • Seat Height- 26.9 inches 
  • Dimension- 40.6×9.9×25.7 inches 
  • Material- Chromium molybdenum steel 
  • Additional- Strong protective shield & fastest speed 

6. Kuberg Cross X-Force Pro

A lightweight, fast speed and large power dedicated to a Kuberg dirt bike.

This model is the latest version launched recently in the market. It has amazing features, wifi connectivity and remote configurability. The speed rises to 34mph, which’s pretty good for a kid, and running time is an hour.

This could be the best bike for kids of ages 6 to 12 years old. With its extra features of connectivity, it has become a trend among youngsters, teens and kids.

Build up is a solid and long-lasting bike for little children. Know more specifications about Kuberg Cross X-Force Pro mentioned below. 

  • Engine- DC Battery Powered
  • Top speed- 34mph 
  • Bike’s Weight- 73 lbs 
  • Seat Height- 15.6 inches 
  • Dimension- 45.2×11×19.6 inches 
  • Material- Steel Double Cradle 
  • Additional- Wifi connectivity 

7. Razor MX400 Electric Dirt Bike

MX400 is the new version of MX350 and upgraded with the latest technologies. Bigger than the previous version and also heavier.

Although its speed can be varied for different rider’s weights, as the normal maximum speed is 14mph. Charge battery for 12 hours and get fun for 30 to 40 minutes riding. It’s unbelievably lightweight with adjustable handlebars and twist throttle is perfect for kids.

A better grip on off-road riding with 12 inches knobby tires. However, brakes are effective but without dual-suspension can be scary. You can check its specifications in detail. 

  • Engine- 24V Battery Powered 
  • Top speed- 14mph 
  • Bike’s Weight- 62 lbs
  • Seat Height- 20 inches 
  • Dimension- 44×24.5×31 inches 
  • Material- Steel 
  • Additional- front & rear brake system 

8. Burromax TT250 Electric Dirt Bike

Its uniqueness exists in its wheels, made up of aluminium alloys and covered with welded tube steel frame.

Tires come with a twist grip to control variable acceleration. An adjustable riser handlebar is attached with full suspension and also folding footrest as well.

Speed can be controlled and adjusted between 7mph to 14mph. This dirt bike has the potential to take off with the highest power with a 24V SLA battery that can last for a whole day. For more details, check out the below list. 

  • Engine- 4 Stroke Battery Powered
  • Top speed- 14mph 
  • Bike’s Weight- 54 lbs 
  • Seat Height- 21 inches 
  • Dimension- 44×25×11 inches 
  • Material- Steel Tube 
  • Additional- Twist grip tires and long-lasting battery 

9. Apollo DB-10

DB-10 designed for kids aged 5 to 9 years old. This mini bike features OEM but components are solid and easily available universally.

Its top speed is about 15mph that’s good for a beginner. With one full charge, this bike can run for a distance of 9.4 miles. Large knobby tires give a smooth grip while riding the dirt bike.

A great number of designs are available in the market, you can pick up anyone. Apollo developed with similar features of an adult dirt bike, your child will get a real experience of riding dirt bikes.

Powered by a motor of 500 watts and 24 volts battery. Check out tore specifications. 

  • Engine- Four-stroke 
  • Top speed- 15mph 
  • Bike’s Weight- 66 lbs 
  • Seat Height- 23 inches 
  • Dimension- 48×22×31 inches 
  • Material- Steel tube 
  • Additional- hydraulic disc brakes 

10. Razor MX350 Dirt Electric Motocross Bike 

MX350 is powered with a 350-watt power chain motor. It can rise to 14mph speed and no pedalling required.

The lightest bike and best for kids to start their journey on a dirt bike. It can run for 30 minutes with one full charge.

You can ride it on hills and steep places with high torque easily.

Dual suspension is excellent for comfortable riding and the raised handlebars are adjustable manually. Its tires are 12 inches knobby for smooth running. View more specifications.  

  • Engine- Battery-Powered 
  • Top speed- 14mph 
  • Bike’s Weight- 55 lbs
  • Seat Height- 20 inches 
  • Dimension- 24.5×31×44 inches
  • Material- Steel 
  • Additional- throttle control system 

See the comparison between the above-listed kids dirt bikes. Do all possible research and then finalize. 

Note:-  If your kids are going to ride a bike for the first time, then try to find a used bike nearby your location. You can save your amount and it won’t be upset while your kid wants a bigger dirt bike. 


Choosing the right dirt bike for your kid is as important as medicines. A wrong can risk their life.

I hope you have chosen a kids electric dirt bike with the help of today’s article.  If you are looking for similar posts, subscribe to our newsletter for more updates regarding dirt bikes.

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