Symptoms of Tight Valves Dirt Bike

Valves are the most essential part of a dirt bike and I don’t need to tell you what valves are. Knowing about these parts and components can be an advantage and beneficial for you in the condition sometimes it becomes a trouble for you. We are here going to discuss symptoms of tight valves on a dirt bike or a dirt bike you own.

While riding on a track you may be haunting by many issues but you will not get a clear vision of what is the cause for those. Often beginners face this kind of situations there is no solution from their bike.

Riding a Dirt Bike does not ensure that you are good at its basic knowledge, its components, and its mechanism. But it does not stop you to gain all kinds of basics which can make you an expert on a dirt bike. Even a non-rider may be a master who will get deeper into this field.

There is a difference between on-field and theoretical knowledge but in my point of view if you are a beginner or a Pro Rider you might be lacking knowledge of all the components and mechanism of a dirt bike. Never be late its upon you when you start getting inside this theoretical area also.

For tight valve clearance, there are many symptoms on a dirt bike that show a clear indication of the adjustment of the valve. Valve adjustment is a regular activity that needed to be done.

How to adjust the valve of a dirt bike to enhance the performance is a necessary phase to understand for all riders. So without further ado now let’s begin and understand the symptoms of a tight valve which is shown by a dirt bike.

Here are the list of symptoms of Tight Valves Dirt Bike

Symptoms of Tight Valves dirt bike

Hard starting

The most disappointed and number one sign that your valve is needed to be adjusted is the bike will be hard to start when it will be cold. Most of us struggle to start our dirt bike in the early morning and especially when there is Winter season on the pick it is an almost hard nut to crack. The maximum bike will rev the cold engine of the bike to its absolute limit and there are those floods by trying to kick start it too many times around 15 to 20 kicks to the bike.

Both these efforts can destroy your engine. Over a few periods after time, you will find many people who have their own technique and effectiveness method for cold start.

There are few methods which work really while there is Winter season and if the issue is not from the valve. And if the issue is from it there then you need to fix it immediately.

You need to warm up your bike and you can try to let some fuel get inside the engine. One more thing you can do to your bike is to move your bike to some distant fir the warm-up.

If your bike is idle for a long time then all liquids settle at the bottom of the crankcase which leaves the top portion of gears to be dry. Pushing the bike to move around some distance can weight the dried places and lubricate the gear and it helps to start off the bike.

Really need to figure out one thing when you have to kick 15-20 times and still, the engine is not started then double-check. I hope I won’t need to make you understand how does valve clearance affect performance valves.

Symptoms of Tight Valves dirt bike

Power Loss

Dirt bike riders have a great passion for riding through tracks and racecourse. For doing stunts and tricks you need to get 100% energy of the bike. If you are not getting full output then it’s not worth riding. The ratio of performance will be less due to the valve adjustment issue. Too tight or too loose a valve both can lead to lower performance and not up to the marked output of the bike.

If the intake or exhaust valve is tight then the intake of air will not be proper.

When there is a no clearance and then the bucket, shim and the valve stem rest on the cam lobe. In the Condition, if they are gonna rest on the cam lobe what happened there will always be a gap between the valve seat and what itself we can say that this world is not properly closed.

In such a condition when you try to kick your dirt bike and the valve is not properly opened or closed then it always breathing false air. So you will never achieve the proper compression for the motor and a dirt bike to run properly. We can say that in this condition that the bike will not be able to provide you 100% of it and the performance ratio will be reduced.

This is not going to damage except the little bit of wear and tear in your wall cam lobe. Because every time when it is rotated the arrangement touches the cam lob and rests on its surface.

Symptoms of Tight Valves dirt bike

Hiss Sound from Exhaust and Intake Valve

When there is tight valve issue as the walls and seeds wear the valve slowly it gets tighter and tighter that leaves less and less clearance. Until the wall completely closing All The Way. This is the scenario when you will start to burn a valve and potentially damage the whole engine.

If you don’t adjust and wait until you can hear the valve leaking then you are probably looking for valve replacement and believe me it will not be enough because you will have to spend a lot along with it for the whole engine.

Issues due to Tight Valve

Symptoms of Tight Valves dirt bike

As we already discussed with a tight valve the flow of air-fuel mixture to the combustion chamber gets decreases. When it gets tight the valve stem bucket, and shim all rest on the cam lobe which leads to a gap between the valve and valve seats.

After a few days, the clearance gets reduced slowly and the gap also decreases. Finally, the day comes when it forcefully touches each other which results in the worn valve seats. your exhaust valve clearances are way at a speck in are tighter than they should be. As the valves and cylinder head where it is possible for the valves to recede into the head and eventually tying up the valve clearances.

Now the reason why this is a problem is that tight exhaust valve clearances can lead to burn exhaust valves and burn exhaust valves early to miss fires and loss of compression ultimately you need to remove the head and get it rebuilt.

If you’re like me and you’re wondering how tight valve clearances can lead to print exhaust valves let me make an effort to explain. Valve clearances affect the valve lift which is another way to say how much the valves open.

If the valve clearances to tie is possible for the valves open early during the combustion stage or even stay slightly open all the time.

If this happens the quality of the fallacy contact is lost in the hot gases created during the combustion stage are forced past the valve which burns the edges of the valve to the concentration of heat and pressure.

Ideally, the vow should be completely closed during the combustion stage so that the valve can dissipate heat to the head with the use of conduction through the valve seat.

Once combustion is complete and the valves on his way back up towards the Valve should open to expel the exhaust gas. So what can you do about this well the best thing you can do to mitigate this is to perform more frequent valve adjustments, for instance, every fifty thousand miles instead of the hundred thousand miles instructed by the owner’s manual.


Wear and Tear of any component of the be can be possible anytime. But taking care can I reduce the issue of worn-out parts of a dirt bike. So we have discussed in this post about Symptoms of tight valves dirt bike.

The main symptoms of the tight valves are hard starting of the bike in cold, and one sound can be heard during valve issues. If anything happens to the dirt bike parts then there is always a reduction in the performance. If you find this helpful then subscribe to our newsletter.

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