2 Stroke Engine Vs 4 Stroke Engine

After deciding the right type of dirt bike according to your different preferences, budget and use. The next step should be what type of engine should be right for you and which type of engine would be better.

there are mainly two types of engines based on the combustion types that are powered by gasoline.

– 2  Stroke – 4  Stroke

How do combustion engines work and what is a ” Stroke”?

In the process of combustion cycle in the dirt bikes, there is a piston moving up and down within the cylinder. Here, we also study about the tdc and bdc. It is related to the piston position within cylinder. TDC means top dead center and BDC means bottom dead center.

Some important aspects of combustion revolution:

1. Intake 2. Compression 3. Combustion 4. Exhaust

What is a 2 stroke engine

A 2 stroke engine is also known as 2 cycle engine. This engine completes a power cycle in 2 strokes by going up and down movements. It is a type of internal combustion engine. Moving up and down once completes only one crankshaft revolution. That means power stroke is generated in one crankshaft revolution.

It is completely different from 4 stroke engine. The end of the compression stroke and starting of the compression stroke occurs on the same time by the process of intake and exhaust functions. I have explained the “intake” and “exhaust” function above already.

What is a 4 stroke engine

A 4 stroke engine is also a type of internal combustion engine. In 4 stroke engine the power cycle is completed in 4 strokes. This type of engine can also be called as 4 cycle engine. A full travel of the piston with the cylinder is called as a stroke.

What is a 4 stroke engine

The four strokes are namely: 1. Intake 2. Compression 3. Combustion 4. Exhaust Intake is the induction of gases. Compression is the process of compressing and producing pressure on the mixture of air and fuel for further ignition process. Combustion is the ignition of highly compressed (air and fuel) mixture. And lastly, exhaust worked as outlet. Procedure expels the garbage.

Difference between 2 stroke engine and 4 stroke engine

2 Stroke Engine – It has one revolution  of the crank shaft during the power cycle. – It uses ports for fuels outlet and inlet. – It generates high torque its engine result in losses thermal. – It generates more smoke and shows less efficiency. – Requires extra lubricating oil because some of the oil burns with the fuel. – More wear and tear occurs – Engines of 2 stroke are cheaper and easy in manufacturing – Lightweight engines and noisy in working.

Difference between 2 stroke engine and 4 stroke engine

4 Stroke Engine – It has two revolutions of the crankshaft during one power stroke. – It uses valves for outlet and inlet of fuel. – It generates less torque. – It generates less smoke and shows more efficiency. – It requires less lubricating oil. – Less wear and tear occurs. – 4 stroke engines are expensive because of lubrication and hard to manufacture. – Heavyweight engines and noiseless in working.