Southwest Becomes One Of America's Least Reliable Airlines-After One Bright Idea Backfired

Southwest Airlines has had a number of great ideas. Free checked bags, flexible tickets and efficient route planning that kept planes in the sky-and its profit margins as high as possible.

As competing airlines were downsizing routes and destinations, Southwest decided to expand. Its expansion strategy was a bold move that made it more convenient than ever.

By adding new destinations and routes, it was effectively meeting people where they were. But months later, the bold move is proving to be a bad move as the airline lacked one major thing every growing business needs: the infrastructure to support its growth.

Keeping planes in the sky is keeping passengers on the ground

A major reason Southwest is canceling and changing flights on passengers is that it lacks the infrastructure and staff to uphold its flights should it face a hiccup in sourcing its scheduled plane and crew.

As Southwest seeks growth without change, passengers are seeking to change airlines As Southwest increases its number of destinations,

it's not budging on its "point-to-point" system. While it worked for the airline when it had a short roster of routes,

it doesn't work for a growing number of routes and destinations. As it holds on to doing what has served it in the past, it's failing to serve its customers (and its employees) in the present

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