Asteroid bigger than Empire State Building heading towards Earth

NASA is keeping a close eye on a huge asteroid that’s heading towards Earth.

The US space agency expects Asteroid 388945 (2008 TZ3) to make a close approach to our planet on May 15.

The giant space rock is predicted to be up to 1,608 feet wide.

In comparison, New York’s iconic Empire State Building stands at 1,454 feet tall.

There’s no need to panic though as Asteroid 388945 (2008 TZ3) should pass us from a distance of about 3.5 million miles away.

That’s why Nasa has still flagged it as a “close approach”.  If an asteroid comes within 4.65 million miles and is over a certain size, it’s considered “potentially hazardous” by cautious space agencies.

Plans to save Earth from asteroids

Nasa said: “DART is the first-ever mission dedicated to investigating and demonstrating one method of asteroid deflection by changing an asteroid’s motion in space through kinetic impact.”