Feline's owner awarded $125K in court from King Co., Bellevue 

SEATTLE — A Bellevue cat owner will now get $125,000 from the city and King County after three years of litigation regarding the brown tabby cat.

Anna Danieli owns Miska the cat, she filed a lawsuit in April 2019 over $30,000 in fines and more than 30 violations for Miska's alleged misbehavior.

The Regional Animal Services of King County (RASKC) has been issuing violations for Miska allegedly trespassing on a neighbor's property and taunting nearby pets since 2014.

Danieli's legal team, according to a release from the team, was able to find numerous issues in both Bellevue and King County's actions.

One of those was one neighbor complaint came from the person who is also the head of RASKC.

The cat owner will get the money, along with a court order challenging Bellevue's City Code and how civil offenses involving animals are handled.

The release claims there could be other victims to "the outdated code."

Meanwhile, both the county and city will involve Danieli on recommendations for policy improvements.