I’m a former Walmart worker – here are the REAL reasons the ‘call for help’ message pops up on the self-checkout screen

The TikToker, known only as Obey Goddess, said the warning will pop up if customers try to buy age-restricted products such as alcohol and tobacco.

Staff may be required to check a shopper’s ID if they look underage before the item can be scanned.

The ex-worker explained that it will state on an employee’s TC device if an age check needs to be conducted.

She added: “We constantly have cameras watching us and managers will see if we don’t check an ID.”

The influencer warned that Walmart employees could get in trouble if they fail to carry out age checks on restricted items.

Restricted items also include movies and chemicals.

But, the message will also appear if customers are buying an item that has been recalled, according to the worker.

The ex-worker said she kept her numbers on the back of her badge that she uses to authorize the product.

Some workers manually input the number into the machine, but employees can speed up the process if they scan the badge

Reassuring customers, the ex-worker explained if the message appears it doesn’t mean that shoppers are stealing items.

The TikToker has shared several employee secrets on her social media page.

She revealed that employees will spot customers that try to steal items thanks to the super-powerful CCTV cameras in-store.

The devices can rotate on a 360-degree swivel.

One said: “Yet when someone stole my wallet they said the cameras couldn’t see that close.”

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There are more than 4,700 Walmart stores in the US and around 600 are located in Texas.

She warned: “If you get caught stealing from Walmart, they will see you.” Some TikTokers were skeptical about the quality of the cameras as they flooded the comments section of the clip.