Gas stimulus 200 stimulus payments may go to millions for gas

Millions of Americans may be able to see $200 toward gas if a new proposal passes that would provide the gas stimulus payment. 

California is still seeing a major increase in gas prices, causing lawmakers to review their options.

The goal is to create more programs to assist those who need it afford gas.

There’s $68 billion dollars in surplus tax revenues right now. 

What the gas stimulus proposal includes 

This proposal would spend $8 billion on gas stimulus cash rebates for families making $250,000 or less. $200 would go to each taxpayer and $200 more for each dependent. The gas tax hike is still set to go into effect in July of 2022. 

Who is getting the free $150 gas card? 

The taxes will go from $0.51 per gallon to $0.54 per gallon. Right now the average price per gallon is $5.680. One year ago it was only $3.996.