I worked at Applebees – I never recommend eating there, here’s why

 I worked at Applebees – I never recommend eating there, here’s why

A FORMER Applebee’s employee has alleged some pretty disturbing details about the restaurant chain and will make you think twice about going back.

They said that they themselves would never eat there.

A former Applebee’s employee claimed that most of the food is made in the microwave.

On social media, Jasper Lee claimed that most of the food served at Applebee’s is heated in a microwave.

That’s right, they claimed that everything has already been portioned and pre-packaged, ready to pop in the microwave and eat.

The US Sun has reached out to Applebee’s for comment but did not get a response at press time.

“As a server, I got to see everything going on in the kitchen, but the only things that weren’t in the microwave were the fried chicken, mozzarella stick, chicken wings, steaks, grilled chicken, and burgers. “, he claimed.

Everything else, including the kids’ menu, sides and appetizers, was frozen and microwaved, Lee said.

They further claimed that the mac and cheese served to the kids is actually Kraft mac and cheese that you can buy for $2 at your local grocery store.

“It is not a good place, I do not recommend it,” they concluded.

After Lee’s video, many took to the comments section to talk about how they avoided eating at Applebee’s or how they already knew about these allegations.

One woman wrote: “My husband once bought broccoli and they forgot to take it out of the plastic steamer bag and served it that way.”

A second commented: “I’ve always hated Applebee’s and never understood why people liked it.

“I could literally taste that everything was frozen before.”