What you see first in this mindbending optical illusion challenges you to admit your least attractive trait

Optical illusions present an opportunity to learn more about, and even challenge yourself to admit various flaws and traits.

One optical illusion by Ukrainian artist Oleg Shuplyak is challenging viewers to acknowledge their least attractive trait.

The illusion contains four different images.Those who see William Shakespeare’s face at first glance are said to be confident.

However, they often also have an inflated ego – their least attractive quality. Ironically, the big ego may actually stem from false confidence.

By forcing opinions and thoughts on others, you could be keeping possible romantic partners at arm’s length.

Others may have first spotted a woman lying in bed.In this case, sloppiness is the trait others find least attractive.

Being messy and disorganized could be a turn-off for possible romantic interests.Another image viewers may see at first glance is a man in a turban.

This signals that the trait others find least attractive is jealousy. Acting in a jealous manner can be a turn-off to those in your life — including possible romantic partners.

Jealousy may also make those around you uncomfortable. It may also represent a lack of trust in your relationships.

Finally, if you saw a rose on a stage, others find your naivete to be your least attractive trait.

It may benefit you to think before you speak in your relationships.