New Corvette Z06 Will Get Crazy Launch Control

Traction and launch control systems have gotten incredibly good. McLaren's is so good that you can basically tell your Artura how much you want to drift, nail the throttle, and feel like a hero.

With 670 hp on tap, the new Chevrolet Corvette Z06 will need some similarly advanced traction and launch control to ensure no one ends up becoming uncomfortably close with their local flora and fauna.

At a conference at the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky, Corvette Chief Engineer Josh Holder said that the new Z06 will have a similar system

More than that, it'll be totally customizable. 

 In essence, it'll work a lot like the highly variable T/C system you get on race cars, only for launch control. Numerous settings will allow for different levels of "slip," or wheelspin, at launch.

For now, it appears to simply be called "Custom Launch Control."

It exists separately from the Z06's traction control settings, too. Chevy says the system will "allow the driver to choose the launch aggressiveness to match available tire traction." 

It sounds to us like you'll have to suss out how much grip the car has on your own. 

Regardless, owners will be able to use the system by specifying two categories before a launch: engine speed and slip.