The bird is sitting in front of the eyes, but no one found, the genius and the stunned also raised their hands

There is a glut of optical illusion on the Internet. Such pictures are often known to take the brain and eye tests. Things are in front of them, but the eyes are not able to find it.

The special thing about the pictures related to optical illusion is that they also get a good workout of the eyes and brain.

Such pictures for you from time to time which makes good exercises of mind and eyes.

This time we have appeared with such a picture which can prove to be crooked for a genius.

The picture is attached to big stones and grass, in which a bird is sitting in front of the eyes.

But it is possible that in 30 seconds someone can be able to solve it. In the picture, good people have lost their sweat to find the bird sitting in front.

If you also consider genius yourself, then find the bird and show it. In this picture of optical illusion,

which became fierce in social media, a large number of people put their minds, but could not give any correct.

We have shared the picture here just below. If your mind and eyes are fast, then find a hidden bird in it.

Despite a lot of efforts, if you have not been able to find a bird hidden in the picture, then it does not matter.

You will also get the answer here. Actually birds and stones are the same, so it is very difficult to find it.

However, if you look at the picture very carefully at last page, then the shape of the bird will be seen on the left side in a corner. You can see that the bird is sitting on a big stone comfortably.

If you have managed to find a bird hidden in the picture yourself, then your mind goes very fast and the eyes are fast.