Optical Illusion: Find out in the picture and hidden deer, Many people failed with sharp mind

Optical Illusion: Under the Optical Illusion i.e. 'Eye Cheating' series, today we have brought such a picture for you, in which you have to find a deer between the hill.

You will have to work hard to find this deer, but it will be a lot of fun to find. Just you need to focus your mind.

Although it is very easy to find a deer, but most people are failing to find it.

In the picture you will be able to see that the grass is growing somewhere in the hill. In this,

a deer is standing somewhere and eating grass. However, the color of deer is something that is similar to the hill and grass.

For this reason, people are getting confused in finding deer. There are some people who are looking at the picture for hours to find this deer,

but remember you have only 20 seconds. In this, you have to find a deer hidden in the picture and show it.

If you are able to find hidden deer in the picture after taking a lot of time, then you will not be considered genius. Have you found deer so far?

Can you find deer

If you are tired of searching and looking, then we are putting a picture below for you. In this picture, you will get to see deer in the circle. See the picture.