Optical illusion has four women hidden in design – can you see them all

Oleg Shupliak is a Ukrainian artist who specializes in optical illusions, including imaginative portrait heads called Hidden Images.

This surrealism piece, called Four Women, was created by Shupliak in 2013. At first glance, it appears that a woman is speaking on a phone.

However, when looking at the woman’s hand near her cheek, you’ll notice another woman on her palm.

Finding the third woman is a bit tricky. When looking at the small woman on the arm, you might see the shape of a nose, eyes and a pair of lips.

The third woman is seen from the side profile, making it a bit hard to make out at first.

On Shupliak’s website, there is a close-up version of the image so viewers can easily see the third woman.

You’ll notice on the stomach of the first woman is a pair of lips and the entire image is a woman itself.

To find the fourth woman is quite easy.

Shupliak creates many illusions similar to this one, including one that looks similar to Marilyn Monroe.