Who says no sound in space, listen to this voice coming from Black Hole

The activities in the universe give us a new information every time. Have you ever read about the sound emanating from a blackhole.

Black hole, about whom we have understood that light also disappears by passing them, they can also generate sound.

The US space agency NASA has recently released a sound clip emanating from a black hole at the center of the Persian galaxy cluster. In this, the sound coming out of the black hole can be heard.

According to reports, since 2003, this black hole has been seen at the center of Persian Galaxy Cluster. Astronomers have also estimated the reason for this.

He says that the pressure waves that the black hole send, causes waves in the hot gases of this galaxy.

It starts changing into sound. However, we cannot hear it directly from the ears. All this has come before us through technology.

All this has become possible through Sonification. It revgies NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory data that has been discovered.

In such a situation, we can also wrong this perception, which is said that there is no sound in space. The reason behind this notion is argued that there is no medium to broadcast the sound waves in space.

Scientists say that the galaxy cluster contains a lot of gas. This sound waves become a means to decide their way. Something similar is also in the case of Person's Galaxy Cluste

The sound waves emanating from it were filled through technology and prepared that humans could listen to it.

NASA says that these sound waves are being heard more than 144 quadrilians and 288 Quadrilians times from their original frequency.

In such a situation, we can say that there is no sound in space, but it is not completely true.

listen to this voice coming from Black Hole Click on below link to listen