CASH IN Universal basic income 2022 – Deadline for UBI program’s $500 monthly payments is THIS WEEK – are you eligible?

THOUSANDS of families could benefit from one of the largest Universal Basic Income programs in the country — and there are just days left to apply.

Chicago residents have until May 13 to apply for the Chicago Resilient Communities Pilot program, according to Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

The $31million UBI program will benefit families facing economic hardship.

Roughly 5,000 low-income households will get $500 per month for a year.

Eligible residents can apply online.

The group SEWA Bharat undertook a study on basic income in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh from 2012 to 2013, Money Crashers reports

UBI around the world: India

Inhabitants of one town were given a basic income for a year, and researchers compared them against residents of a nearby community who received nothing.

Villagers that got a basic income spent the money on new livestock and housing improvements such as modern toilets, running water, and cleaner cooking fuels that produced less indoor air pollution, according to the researchers.