Eerie 'yellow brick road' to Atlantis discovered atop ancient undersea mountain

A team of marine biologists realized they definitely weren't in Kansas anymore after discovering what appeared to be a yellow brick road on top of an undersea mountain near Hawaii

"The yellow brick road?" a scientist mused in a YouTube video of the discovery.

Others remarked that the rocks were reminiscent of a very different fictional world: "It's the road to Atlantis," one researcher said.

The yellow rocks, divided from each other at neat 90-degree angles, form a narrow strip and look like they were carved and arranged by human hands.

However, the seemingly paved roadway was simply the natural result of ancient volcanic activity thousands of feet below the water's surface, the researchers said in a description.

"At the summit of Nootka Seamount, the team spotted a 'dried lake bed' formation, now IDed as a fractured flow of hyaloclastite rock

(a volcanic rock formed in high-energy eruptions where many rock fragments settle to the seabed)," the researchers wrote.

The remarkably brick-like divisions between the rocks are likely the coincidental result of heating and cooling stresses from multiple volcanic eruptions over millions of years, the team added.

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