I’m a gardening expert and you’ve been watering your plants wrong – the exact time to avoid disaster

But one gardening expert has warned that there is a right time and a wrong time to give your plants a watering, if you don't want to put them at risk.

Gardening is just a fun hobby for some people, but there are still ways to make sure you save yourself time and money.

You should be watering your garden first thing in the morning, according to Factory Direct Hose gardener Melanie Evans.

This permits the water to seep into the soil and evaporate slowly. “Unless you water with a drip-irrigation system, avoid watering in the evening," Melanie told The Delite.

"Plants often remain wet throughout the entire night when watered in the evening, which is a recipe for plant disease.”

Watering your plants with aspirin repels bugs and prevents rot and disease, according to Sawinery founder Robert Johnson.One aspirin in four liters of water is all that is required.

As previously reported, a North Carolina gardener known online as GrowYoFood has advised against over-watering seedlings after they sprout.

"You can't water them like a houseplant and you can't keep spritzing them like you had before because they will mold," she explained.

"Don't water them from the top and wait for the water to drip through."

The water will just pool at the top and will not reach the soil in the middle and bottom, where the roots should grow.