What are the best dirt bike boots in 2021?

Do you want to know about the best dirt bike boots in 2021? Dirt bike riders need to wear dirt bike boots. They not only protect our feet while riding, they can also help prevent ankle and lower leg injuries in case of accidents. 

What are the best dirt bike boots? Every rider wants to know this question with its features and qualities. You can pick up various models of O’Neal, Answer Racing, Fox Racing, Alpinestars and Fly Racing dirt bike boots. These footwears are comfortable and also provide enough safety to your feet.  

Hello dirt bike lovers, here you will see the boots with their features and pros & cons. Let’s read this article till the end which will help you to get the best one. 

Benefits of Dirt Bike Boots

Let me tell you something about the benefits of Dirt Bike Boots. Which will help you to understand dirt bike boots and why are dirt bike boots necessary? There are many reasons to wear dirt bike boots while riding a dirt bike. 

Dirt Bike Boots protect your ankles:-

You should wear dirt bike boots when you ride a dirt bike because They protect your ankle when you are driving at speed. They also hold your foot and leg in a perfect position so they do not move laterally.

Protect your feet and shins:-

When you ride a dirt bike, you face many types of obstacles just like branches, rocks, flying debris etc. From all this, the dirt bike boots protect our feet and shins.

It protects you in an accident:- 

When you ride a motorcycle, you must know that a strong pair of dirt bike boots can protect you in an accident.

Protect your legs from the heat of the exhaust:- 

They protect your leg from touching the hot engine parts and getting burned. It is made with a heat resistant plastic shield on the side of the boot to protect your feet.

Keep you stuck to the pegs:- Dirt bike boots have super soft, grippy soles to allow the pages to dig deep into the boots so you don’t slip off. So it’s great to boot for any rider.

Responsible for vital dirt bike controls:-

Without dirt bike boots it’s very difficult to drive a dirt bike because dirt bike boots protect us from any kind of injury to the lower part of the foot and heel.

Make you a more confident rider:- 

Dirt bike boots give me protection and safety. When we ride the dirt bike. We feel very confident in ourselves.

Good for street riding:- Dirt bike boots are stiff. Even if somehow it would be damaged, they would still be pretty stiff. I’d go with a street boot for street riding and a Dirt bike boot for dirt riding.

10 Best Dirt Bike Boots in 2021 (Motocross Boots):- 

1. O’Neal 0332-112 Men’s Boots:- 

The soft insole is very comfortable to walk in. It is metal protection surrounding the outsole of shoes. The whole family can enjoy riding. These boots are waterproof. The 3D Air Mesh lining ensures that air circulates in the boot.

Why choose this boot- 

  • Its fitting is very good.
  • Boots are good for their price.
  • It is easy to snap-lock and operate.
  • They’re very comfortable boots.
  • It’s a strong construction.

2. O’Neal 0325-111 New Logo Rider Boots:-

O’ Neal rider boots provide excellent protection and performance through metal reinforcement on the shaft and injection-moulded plastic backplate. To prevent your foot from the sudden impact it will make a great choice. On any track, it adds excellent support. Its cushion insole provides extra comfort. It weighs less but strengthens your foot. These riding boots are available for children to adults with size 15 and are suitable for the whole family. The 2021 best dirt bike boots have a durable Goodyear outsole with wound edges for balance, that’s why no toe protection is required.

Why choose 0325-111 boots-

  • O’Neal-111Men’s New logo Rider Boots provide excellent protection and performance.
  • It keeps your feet safe from any ill effects.
  • It provides excellent support on any track.
  • This cushion insole is very comfortable.

3. O’Neal Men’s Dirt Bike Boots:- 

In these boots, the upper calf hole has a variety of adjustment options, suitable for riders with thick calves. The lining is a 3D air mesh to keep ventilate and make it cool, while the more complex lining around the upper helps prevent the knee pads and knee pads from wearing. The synthetic leather heat shields safe you from bike heat with regular riding, a metal toe guard keeps your sole safe. The Air mesh interior offers excellent comfort. During rocking, these shoes will provide you with super balance.

Why prefer O’Neal Men’s boots-

  • The synthetic leather heat Shields protect us from the heat of the bike.
  • The air mesh interior is very comfortable for us.
  • During rocking, these shoes are very helpful in making our balance.
  • The boots look very soft when worn.

4. O’Neal 0332-112 Men’s Dirt bike boots:-

O’Neal 0332-112 dirt bike Boots have a 5 out of 5 customer rating the boots as worthwhile and offer sufficient protection while driving. Air can circulate through shoes. It keeps 100% of the dirt out. It offers 95% of the water protection.it protects excellent in bad weather.

Reason to choose this boot-

  • Its boots are very great and they are also waterproof.
  • We can dry it in the light rays of the sun and it is very comfortable to walk.
  • This boot protects the soles of the feet and the areas around them
  • It’s designed for the whole family and its maximum size is 12.

5. Answer Racing 2021 AR1 Boots:-

They offer a great price. These are better than many brands. Finally, you can enhance your riding to the next level. A four-layer sole system provides advanced guard.

Quality that attracts you to buy Answer-

  • It creates a new idea in motocross boots.
  • Now it’s better than many brands of boots.
  • It’s light, durable and protective.
  • It offers better than any other Boots in its price range.

6. Fox Racing Motocross boot:-

Fox Racing Motocross boots are best for dirt bike riders. Because its updated floating cuff system provides lateral support and increased linear movement while locking out before hypertension of the ankle. The comp boot is available at an affordable price  They offer immense comfort  They also have a durable rubber sole It provides you maximum comfort for debris. Strong shin plate, calf guard heel cap & full toe coverage is good for feet protection. Two instinct style lower buckle for a secure zero heel lift fit. Instant step-in comfort.

Additional detail for Fox Racing-

  • It provides a comfortable internal lacing system.
  • The comp boot is available at a very low price.
  • In this boot, durable rubber is also attached.
  • It’s very comfortable to wear.

7. Alpinestars Unisex-Adult Tech 3s Boots:-

Alpinestars Unisex-Adult Tech 3s boots is best for any Dirt bike’s rider. These are favourites even by the world’s top athletes. Alpinestars boots offer safety. In addition, the brand is matchless to produce great results and finally, the technical footwear is waterproof.

The best thing about these unisex boots-

  • Alpinestars boots provide us with a lot of protection.
  • We get good results by using these boots.
  • Alpinestars Unisex-Adult Tech 3s Boots is waterproof Boots.
  • It’s the world’s best boots.

8. Fly Racing unisex Boots:-

The articulated rear ankle gives you subtle flexibility for sitting comfortably but is still supportive. It offers 3D moulded shift protection – the boots are incredibly designed. you will feel 100% safe with shoes. The attached lock of the boot offers powerful safety. In fact, it offers protection from the engine, exhaust and an excellent grip to control the motorcycle. 

Why buy Fly Racing Boots-

  • We feel 100% safe wearing our feet.
  • The sole of the boots is very solid, due to our feet being protected.
  • It’s amazingly made.
  • It also provides 3D Molded shift protection.
  • It’s suitable for everyone.

9. O’ Neal 2020 Boots:-

They are very comfortable boots. It is built with leather insulation. It prevents your foot from damage and They offer a bully adjustable four-button closure system.

What’s make it special- 

  • It’s made from leather insulation.
  • It is comfortable dirt bike Boots to ride a dirt bike.
  • It protects our feet from getting hurt.
  • These boots have 4 buttons, which cover the whole shoe.

10. Alpinestars Unisex Boots:-

Alpinestars Unisex Boots is an upgraded model of shoes. They provide comfort on any track. The design of the boots looks excellent. So it is best when you ride a dirt bike.

Buy Alpinestars for some reasons-

  • It weighs very little, so it’s very easy to ride while wearing it.
  • It’s top racing Boots.
  • It’s the most advanced technical equipment.
  • We feel very comfortable wearing this.

How Much Do Riding Boots cost?

When you drive a dirt bike, get yourself better quality riding boots because as quality will also be indicated in the price, the cost of motorcycle boots can be the majority  depending on what you plan to do with your boots and your style preferences. The best quality of motorcycle boots normally costs around $200 all the few thousand dollars. 

What things should we look at while buying boots? 

(a) Boots must be comfortable:- when we choose dirt bike boots for riding we should pay attention that the correct size of boots and fit and comfort is vital. If you won’t feel comfortable in your bike riding gear you wouldn’t prefer to wear it. Because comfortable boots help anyone to become better riders. Comfortable dirt bike boots protect your ankles, an accident, protect your feet and shine, and protect your legs from the heat of the exhaust. Dirt bike boots keep you stuck to the pegs. It is responsible for vital dirt bike control. Dirt bike boots make you a more confident rider and it is good for street riding.

(b) Safety Feature:- Good Boots are best for protecting your feet and ankles from being crushed between the ground and the engine and foot pegs also protect the calf from the hot engine part and exhaust. A heat-resistant active panel to the inner (media) side of the boot is also an essential feature. It also doubles the aid grip and control of the bike.

(c) Your Budget:- When you buy anything, first of all, you decide how much of your hard-earned cash you want to spend on your bike boots. Don’t go for the cheapest one, as you must have heard, it’s better to invest a sufficient amount once rather than repeatedly investing in the bad quality boots. Set your budget as such, that boots are good quality along with pocket-friendly funds. 

Note:-  Dirt bike Boots are most important for dirt bike riders because they give safety, functionality, and longevity. If you value your health, if you want to ride better, if you don’t want to destroy your walking shoes, get motorcycle boots.


This topic was inspired by someone who asked all kinds of questions about Boots and how a good rider chooses them.  I thought this might be a helpful topic to a lot of people. Why do motorcycle riders wear boots! dirt biker, street riders, Enduro, adventure, drag racers. And what kinds of dirt bike boots are good for you.  We all should wear boots while riding motorcycles.

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