What is a Pit Bike & what are the best brand for it?

A lot of people think that a pit bike is similar or the same as a dirt bike. But, in reality they are not the same, a pit bike is cheaper, lighter and much better for racing than a dirt bike.

Today’s article is based on the same topic, where you will see what is a dirt bike and also know the best brand for kid’s & adult’s pit bikes.

As mainly such bikes are used by teenagers and kids as its engine is less powerful and smaller in size too. Let’s move to the more details about dirt bikes. 

What is A Pit Bike?

If you see a pit bike and a dirt bike, you will find only a single difference and that’s its size. Do you really wanna know what a pit bike is?

A dirt bike is good enough for adults whereas pit bikes are best for kids & teenagers. But, you need to know what are the terms and conditions to ride a pit bike. 

Pit bikes are just a dirt bike and specially made for racing. These bikes are smaller, cheapest, low maintenance, less powerful engine and available at different sizes. Pit bikes are most popular amongst teenagers and old aged childrens who love racing. 

Nowadays, adults enjoy riding pit bikes too. They like it as if by chance a pit bike will be damaged, it costs less to repair. And they can exchange these bikes easily with the good one.

Pit bikes are also good for beginners, to carry lightweight bikes gives more confidence while improving riding skills. I think this definition is enough about “what is a dirt bike.” 

History of Pit Bikes?

You have seen “what is a pit bike”,   now it’s time to gain knowledge about its history.  The Pit bikes were first designed during post war 1940s and 50s inspired by the motorized two-wheeled machines.

Initially these bikes were hand made to use for carrying loads. Later on, mechanics designed for racing and the first minibike launched in the 1960s that lit the fire in the market. Honda was the first brand to create such pit bikes by launching Honda Z series specially for racing. 

At the beginning, pit bikes were used for movie scenes and made it more popular amongst youngsters. Gradually adults and teenagers start showing their interest in it which increases the pressure to produce more pit bikes.

After Honda, Kawasaki designed the first pit bike in 2002 for kids and short height riders. In a similar way other motorbikes companies like suzuki, KTM and Yamaha created pit bikes with multiple modifications that attracts more bike lovers. 

Types of Pit Bikes:- 

Whenever you visit to buy a pit bike, you will see different types of pit bikes. Here, we will discuss these types and know how they are different. 

  • Teenagers Pit Bikes – Such bikes are designed for those who love to ride bikes in their ground or near to home. These pit bikes have less powerful engines and come in smaller sizes. Teenagers pit bikes are not complicated and easy to handle by kids. An ideal bike for kids to start their first riding with these pit bikes. 
  • Racing Pit Bikes – If you or your kids want to participate in a race, these racing pit bikes are good for such purposes. These racing pit bikes are designed to provide high speed and powerful engines. Lightweight body, smooth wheels and smart control over throttle that will be helpful in participating in race. By look these bikes are similar to motocross bikes but smaller in size that make it easy to ride pit bikes. 
  • Production Pit Bikes – For off-road bikes, you need to choose production pit bikes. Its structure is made up such to  fulfill your desires,advanced features included with engines, suspensions and other inner accessories. For a beginner or who is improving their skills, these production pit bikes are best for them. Provide comfortable riding and safe for kids. You might find it expensive and stylish, but a good option for off-road riding. 

So, these are the types of pit bikes, now we need to see how such bikes are different from dirt bikes. 

How is a Pit Bike Different From a Dirt Bike?

As you have seen what is a dirt bike, now see why it’s not similar to dirt bike and how. 

If we talk about their engines, pit bikes usually come with 4-stroke engines,while dirt bikes come with two different engines, one is 2- stroke and another is 4-stroke. But, a pit bike gives more speed and power, whereas a 2-stroke dirt bike has more accelerating power and a 4-stroke dirt bike is heavier that runs at low power compared to pit bikes. 

Dirt bikes have rubber tyres which give it better grip and are easy to balance. That’s enough to ride on muddy, hilly or rough roads. And pit bikes don’t have rubber tyres that may create problems while riding on a rough surface. 

Pit bikes are smaller in size and with such size it is suitable for riding. On the other hand, dirt bikes are heavier and a little bit harder to handle. 

All over pit bikes & dirt bikes have their own qualities. We can’t say which one is best, pit bike is better for kids and dirt bike is best for adults. Now, in the below sections we have discussed more questions related to pit bikes. 

Is Pit Bike Street Legal?

In a simple word, pit bikes are not street legal, but there are a few brands which are legally eligible for on-road riding. You have seen many riders who use the road for riding pit bikes without any restriction. How do they do that? It’s easy, you need to talk to your nearby DMV to get an approval for street legal pit bikes. Once they will inspect all necessary factors about riding skills, you will be able to ride a pit bike legally on road. 

What is The Age to Ride A Pit Bike?

It all depends when you feel like riding a pit bike. Yeah, whether you are an adult or a kid having some sense can ride a pit bike. When you think that you or your kids have minimum bike riding skills, pit bikes are fit for you. But, point to be kept in mind that what kind of pit bike is suitable for you and your kids. I’m sharing those important facts that are necessary to check before purchasing pit bikes, like its weight, size, brake types, throttle size, start type, etc. 

Top Pit Bike Brands For Riders:-

I guess you should know which company produces pit bikes, how it functions and what are their pros and cons. Here, I’m going to mention the top five pit bike brands for riders who are looking to buy it.

1. SYX Moto Kids Pit Bike

This 50cc pit bike is affordable and gives a better experience to your kids. No need to fill fuel as it’s a gas filled pit bike with a 2-stroke engine. If you think 2-strokes acquire more care, here you might be wrong. A pit bike is more reliable and your children enjoy their first ride on it. 

If you see its pros, it comes with a speed limiter that stops any accidents. SYX is designed for both adults as well as for kids. Also, it has an instant brake system and is responsive too.  But only cons is that you need to assemble its parts or need to visit a mechanic to assemble your new dirt bike. 

2. MotoTec 50cc Pit Bike

This bike is quite similar to the SYX, same engine 50cc with 2-stroke system and most recommended for kids or teenagers. It easily carries up to 70 Kg weight and a boost speed of 26 miles per hour. Various colors such as red, green, blue and white are available of the same brand of pit bikes. 

Plus point about this pit bike is that it can easily ride in wet and dry conditions. It comes with  disc brakes and pull start. A solid steel construction makes it stronger, also it has rear mono shock suspension. From kids to older aged childrens can enjoy its riding. But, you need to be aware of damage as spare parts are hard to find while replacing the damaged one. 

3. X-Pro 110cc Pit Bike

This bike has captured a position amongst the best pit bikes because of its stylish look and better experience. Its engine is 4-stroke, 110cc air cooled to boost the power and maintain a high speed of 30 miles per hour.

Both brakes front and rear are hydraulic disc and size is good for kids and adults. If you need to replace the parts, you can do it on your own. Low maintenance required and can carry more load compared to other pit bikes. But, it could be tricky for the new rider and also hard to start for kids as a kickstart system is attached with it. Generally X-Pro shipped with 80% assembled, and the rest of 20% need to be assembled by the riders. But, still many users love it for its look & more mileage. 

4. TAO DB14 Pit Bike

This bike is for those who have rode the mini dirt bike or gas dirt bike earlier. The DB14 is a model from TAO-TAO with plenty of power and all-terrain tyres included. A 110cc air-cooled 4-stroke engine pit bike can take a load of 70 Kg. You will have more options as it is available in six different colors. 

An easy start for the freshers with good performance at low price. Height, seat and throttle control is perfect for a growing aged guy. But, you must have some ideas to assemble it, and one more negative point is, it doesn’t have any guide book so that it is easy to manage them. Its speed can be maximum of 31 miles per hour. Sometimes you May find it heavier, so take a test ride before investing money. I would like to put it on position four with two cons but multiple pros. 

5. Coolster 70cc Kids Gas Mini Pit Bike

If your kid is an age of 7 to 13 years old, you should try this Coolster 70cc mini pit bike. A 70cc engine bike with cool looking and four gear responsive brakes. This bike is good for trail riding but can be risky at hilly or muddy areas. Speed is quite similar to many pit bikes that is 30 miles per hour. 

Coolster can easily load adults and heavy weight kids because of its own balanced weight.  When you buy it online, about 90% parts are assembled and the remaining 10% should be done by yourself. Although it can carry more loads but its own weight is good for any rider. It also comes with kickstart, that might create a problem when it stops suddenly on roads, kicking is harder than an electric start. And this would be a best point to learn more about pit bikes. 

Bottom Line

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