Why is my dirt bike not starting?

Why is my Dirt Bike not starting” is a type of problem which can happen to every dirt bike at some point of time. This problem can be very much frustrating when you are trying hard to start your bike but your bike won’t start.

For example it can create a huge Trouble When you plan to go for a relaxing ride and it fails to start eventually.

You should go through a checklist of probable causes for dirt bike starting issues. If you want to learn some procedures of diagnosis of your dirt bike then you are at the right place.

In this post, we will discuss about the basics of why any Dirt Bike won’t start and things to do when dirt bike is not starting. So that you can restart your dirtbike again !

If you have not started your bike for a very long time or the dirt bike is been in storage for in garage for 2-3 years.

Procedure of starting :- for the starting of any dirt bike, it just needs a spark in the engine and a proper mixture of air and fuel in the combustion process. If the mixture is not combusted, the Spark will not be generated.

You need to take care of each and every part of your Dirt Bike to know the reason of the issue. Right steps should be taken to spot the issue. Try to solve the issue as early as possible. Turn on your gas in Tank, For checking the issue. Check the gas whether it is old or varnished.

Clean the carburettor if it is dirty, low compression, intake air leak, broken switch, fouled spark plug, dirty air filter, dirty fuel injector aur clogged fuel injector. let’s read them in detail:-

The Basics of why Dirt bike don’t start

Why is my dirt bike not starting?

Problem no. 1.

When dirt is dead or just clicks by pushing the start button In case you have a electric dirt bike and it just Clicks on starting and seems lifeless, then firstly you will need to check up the battery or the electrical system to know whether it is completely dead or not.

Check the headlight illumination and the horn system or any other part for confirming whether it is completely dead or not. Check the voltage of the battery. Check the charging stage of the battery too.

You can use any battery load tester. You can also use any DIV digital volt and ohm meter (DVOM). You do not need to buy a costly equipment or tester a cheap test light will be ok for the test ideally.

You also need to check all the connections of the battery, ensure that the solenoid is clean, secure, undamaged and fully tight.

Problem no. 2.

The dirt bike turns over but do not start. Every Dirt Bike have 4 prerequisites which are much needed to start them.

Both the types of Dirt Bikes— 2 stroke or 4 stroke require 4 prerequisites. They are:

  1. Air
  2. Fuel
  3. Compress
  4. Spark

When you are kicking your bike to start in on the E-start, and it is completely working and the engine is turning over, but the problem is that it is not starting. Air, fuel, compression and Spark should properly fitted to start the bike.

1. Air

Here, the term air means a clean air filter. You must know about the process of cleaning and maintaining an air filter of any dirt bike. If the air filter is dirty then it can result in a fouled spark plug.

If you have not studied about the air filter cleaning or have not seem the air filter yet then go and first read about how to clean and maintain an air filter on a dirt bike. Evaluate about the condition of the air filter time to time.

2. Fuel

If your dirt bike is not getting fuel then it can be the cause of problem ” why my dirt bike is not starting”.

Ensure that there is an adequate supply of clean fuel/gas to the carburettor or fuel injector. The continuous running of your dirtbike largely depends on proper fuel supply as well as good fuel quality.

As I have said that adequate supply of clean fuel is much more required for running the dirt bike. Diagnose the fuel injection system properly for getting back to ride your dirt bike.

3. Compression

A bad or little compression can be the third Cause when your dirtbike turns over but do not start.

In the combustion process, the air and fuel is compressed then the spark is generated, Thus keeps the engine running. But when this combustion process is not done properly by the pump then it would not start.

The reason of bad compression is the worn top-end. Buy best compression tester to check the compression system. You can study more about the compression test in my earlier article how to fix low compression on a dirt bike for more information.

4. Spark

Spark is the most common factor of not starting the dirt bike. Every biker suspects the spark plugs for not starting of the dirt bike. A spark plug can fail to fire or light the mixture of fuel or air.

Most commonly Spark is generated during the combustion process and the spark is responsible for the running of the dirt bike but when it won’t work, it disturbs the whole system of the dirt bike. Hence, diagnosis of the spark plugs is required.

Some more Tips for you when your dirt bike won’t start

When you have fuel injected dirt bike but the engine is not getting fuel: Market also have some fuel injected bikes. They are assumed as difficult to diagnose but they are not so in reality.

It can be diagnosed easily with the help of a cheap DVOM or a basic 12v DC test light by following the steps, I have mentioned below:

The first step of the diagnosis is to ensure that the engine is getting the fuel or not. It is common to make a mistake while doing diagnosis if you have not seen the sprayed fuel around the injector nozzle.

But if don’t have much money to invest do the following– do not put directly any sort of diagnosis on the fuel pressurization system, put some fuel to the engine first through the intake trait.

You can do it by removing the intake trait. Remove the air filter and squirt some fuel into the intake trait by any bottle around you try to start the engine.

There will be two conditions of it when:

  1. It starts
  2. It does not start

Condition No. 1:-

“It starts”

When your Dirt Bike start and dies after few seconds by putting some fuel to the fuel injection system. This is the sign that the engine of the dirt bike is in good condition and the spark is generated for running so its ignition system is also in a good state.

Then it is proved that absence of fuel is the cause of not starting. Put fuel to the system and go back to riding again.

Condition No. 2:-

“It does not start”

In case your Dirt Bike won’t start after adding some fuel to it, it indicate that the problem is not due to the absence of fuel/gas in it.

It is must that there is some problem in the parts for electrical system of your Dirt Bike which you can easily fixed by going to any garage present near you or you can also check or find the issue by the help of compression tester.

The bike should be cleaned before beginning of the service if it is a carburetted bike. Right amount of fuel injected and pressure and injector signal are pre requirements of any fuel injected system.

Ensure that your dirt bike is clean only then you can start the diagnosis of the dirt bike.

Detail description about the air filter and the intake trait :–

When the air filter is not in the good condition then you will obviously wants to change it with the new one because of the dirty air filter your dirt bike engine may won’t breathe properly.

Check the new spark plug with a good and cheap compression tester. If the air filter worned or choked the dirty air particles get into the bikes engine and start creating problem low compression in the pump and harm to the other parts of the dirt bike.

Your dirt bike have low compression:- when your Dirt Bike have low compression then it will surely not start.

Be ready to do a compression test it will give you the idea about the condition of topend whether the topend is worn out or not. Push start the dirt bike if it do have a kick start.


There are many other more reasons like– No spark, poor electrical connections, blown gasket, etc. I have mentioned all the possible condition for not starting of a dirt bike. If these steps for tricks do not resolve your problem then go the factory service as early as you want to ride your dirt bike again.

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